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for Naruto uzumaki : The greatest prodigy

1/17 c9 smokee
yk if hes such a genius like itachi im 150% surehe would master it in a week tops cause it didnt take 2 in canon naruto
1/16 c3 smokee
damn i low key wanted samui cause she thick thick
1/7 c21 Anderson Burgos
Es una gran historia espero que no la olvides es una de las mejores teorías que he leído y sinceramente espero que la continues
1/7 c21 jafarr420
I really have enjoyed this story so far! The writing is detailed enough that I can easily imagine it in my head as I read along. I will be sad if this story ends unfinished like so many others I have come to enjoy.
1/7 c10 davidporoforreal
this is a great story to be realy keep up the good work bro
1/4 c21 Guest
when the next Chapter?
1/5 c21 arnavrai125
Bro next chapter and please try to from a bond between naruto ans sasuke since he is itachi’s brother so show that naruto reched out to him
1/2 c7 Guest
Will naruto have wood style
12/30/2020 c17 Guest
Please update I really like where this is going and want to read more
12/24/2020 c4 Eliazar Chandra
At least make some uchihas survive including mikoto uchiha
12/19/2020 c21 Guest
Sube otro plss
12/17/2020 c21 darth56
thanks for the new chapter
12/5/2020 c21 Neptune
Nice! When's the next update?
12/7/2020 c18 olympaforged
I gotta ask. is naruto even training his sharigan? if he is, will he go blind or him ashura chakra help in some way? is he at the MS stage of the sharigan. what about his senju blood line how is that coming into play and what about the kyuubi?

just some of the thoughts on my mind. enjoying the approach you have taken, nice and refreshing.
12/4/2020 c10 Neptune
Great Story! You almost done writing the next chapter?
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