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for Naruto uzumaki : The greatest prodigy

11/14/2020 c1 theo1004
Mhmm not too hyped about the arrogance of Sasuke but hey whatever not the biggest deal
11/14/2020 c21 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter man keep it up and update again soon thanks.
11/14/2020 c21 15NinjaFang1331
Wonderful excellent update
11/14/2020 c21 CUBONE104
Always good to read new chapters from you, this is one of my favourite fics. I agree with you on haku and zabuza not joining the leaf i always hate it when they do it. Hope to read new chapters soon, keep up the great work!
11/14/2020 c21 Efrm202
Can’t wait for next
11/14/2020 c21 lilhuesos
Excellent keep Going
11/14/2020 c19 you shall know Pain
story is dope asf I like it alot dont really care if its cliche but as long as it's not a happy go lucky naruto that even though he's has training and is already chunin that he has to be dead last intentionally is not me so keep it up hope you finish this story strong
11/14/2020 c18 1Ninja6996
This is a good story, and the writing is amazing for a fanfiction. However, there is just so many cliches. Naruto trained by Itachi and Shisui, is the grandson of Hashirama and Madara, joins ANBU while trying to be like itachi, gets forced out of ANBU to be a Jonin sensei, doesn't really react badly to this on focus, only briefly mentioned in passing. They just add up after a while and it gets a little hard to find the motivation to read the story when it's like so many others. The idea was decent, the execution and writing were great, some of your plot points were actually phenomenally well thought out and really show a talent for creative writing, but it feels like you gave a lot more focus to established tropes than keeping it unique. The assassination mission with Kakashi and Naruto, I've never actually read anything like it before, and it was great to see something new in naruto fanfiction. I do hope that you keep getting the reads and reviews you deserve, because again, your writing is phenomenal, but the story is just not for me, best of luck to you.
11/14/2020 c19 theGamabunta
I think the only reason Kakashi was able to adjust to Jounin-sensei life was because he kept failing genin teams lol
11/13/2020 c20 HI
11/12/2020 c20 White-Wolf007
Omg I absolutely love this story it has cemented itself in my top three I found this 2 days ago and have read it twice I haven’t been able to stop reading I love it and Naruto being with Yugao makes it even better fantastic job I can’t wait till you update this again I hope it’s soon
11/12/2020 c20 4DarkChaosDragon00
11/11/2020 c20 Guest
Por qué no lo terminás?
11/9/2020 c20 Guest
This story is amazing
11/2/2020 c1 Karazik
This is beyond a doubt the greatest trope filled rubbish i had the horror of reading.
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