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for Thomas and his despicable friends

9/7 c11 30John2851
Needs Improvement.
6/30 c10 John2851
6/20 c10 Guest
I’ve got an idea someone else should make a Despicable me and Winx club crossover story please.
5/2 c1 12Goji House
There's a lot wrong with your stories. A LOT. First, your ideas suck. You are posting stories on things nobody is interested in like fucking Thomas The Steam Engine or other little kid cartoons, people on this site are teens and adults, nobody will read crap on Thomas and Despicable Me. Your way of writing breaks the guidelines, you don't write like a script, it comes off as lazy. Other people have pointed out the writing style already and you don't listen at all.

You like Jurassic Park, so why don't you write something on that? Most of your stories are this Cartoon Mashup bullcrap, I get it, it's a shared universe. I have one too, but that shouldn't be all you write. You need to branch out and stop watching only cartoons. I'm starting to wonder how old are you if you still like Thomas.

According to some reviews, some of your non-Cartoon Mashup stories are episodes of shows with different characters, that's plain lazy. I'm not bashing you for making crossovers, that be hypocritical. I'm bashing you because of you constantly break the rules and post stuff that aren't stories and just cast listing and other things. I'm not trying to be mean or upset you, but me and others are trying to help you improve, and your not taking our advice.
4/22 c5 84NeverLander852
FUck you, Patrick Song:
[Sing to the tune of the Thomas Series 1-5 end credits song]

Fuck you Patrick, you big shithead
Fuck you Patrick
Fuck you Patrick

Cos You're a big shithead
Cos You're a big shithead
You are the biggest
shithead on sodor

Fuck you Patrick Fuck you
Fuck you Patrick, yes
Fuck You Patrick, yes.
4/22 c9 30John2851
Awesome Update!.
4/22 c9 John2851
2/28 c1 Guest
Dude, this story sucks. I mean nobody is interested in Thomas the steam engine!. Come on here and have some real imagination!. Because this story have eight chapters and not one have catch my reading not once. My advice is to find inspiration and watch real movies like Marvel and DC, or something that catch people's attention. That, and stop making freaking cartoon mashups on every story you post. No body is interested in multiple crossovers let alone it has no imagination none what so ever. Brah, why do you have every freaking story mashups?. Who told you that it's a good idea to do this because each story sucks. I strongly recommend you read real stories from real authors who have imagination and creativity like, GoldGuardian2418, RockSunner, Princess Luka Volcalzal, and my personal favorite John2581. Man, get your shit together and have imagination please!.

I hope this sends a good, and I mean a damn good clear message to you. I'm not trying to be mean and hurt your feelings but, someone need to tell you the truth in order for you to realize your mistakes and I hope you are reading it good. I wish you the best of luck.
8/28/2019 c7 John2851
Awesome .
4/23/2019 c6 John2851
Outstanding chapter!. Can't wait to read more!. Great job buddy!.
9/28/2018 c1 John2851
Great story!. A Fantastic story indeed!.
9/1/2018 c2 10blackboard26
To be honest I have not watch despicable me. So I cannot find anything that can help with that.
6/27/2018 c1 41crafordbrian17
Minions character? That was from despicable me. And I did make a few changes to it. Did you have any ideas for my next chapter?
6/27/2018 c1 10blackboard26
that is the story from Jamesfan1991, you use a minion character instead of lady. That is interesting.

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