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for All Roads Lead to Rome

12/11/2018 c32 6drogorath
Wow , this story was really amazing.I actually believed that BR was mindful of some typos writing!
8/15/2018 c32 5DusktoDawn21
Excellent conclusion! Yes, it explains the mystery very well.
Joe had an excellent idea to Frank's predicament. I know they were worried about Joe's PTSD but I do wonder how Frank is going to deal with his. I did long to see a conversation between Frank and Callie at the end of the story as they have been in a lot of pain throughout this story, but that's just me.
I am also very happy to read Ned in such a great role. I think this is the ONLY Ned story in this fandom. They are good together and I liked the fact that Nancy wants to support Ned in what he wants to do as he has done throughout for her.
Thank you for this story.
8/15/2018 c32 54EvergreenDreamweaver
I like the way it all worked out. George goes home to Burt. Ned gets to coach football. Nancy doesn't mind moving. Frank doesn't have to do field investigation anymore. Callie can feel safe. Joe and Fenton and Nancy can to back to being detectives.

Congratulations on the story!
8/15/2018 c32 BMSH
Thanks for the stories!
8/15/2018 c32 14Cherylann Rivers
Complimenti storia eccellente!

Had to put some Italian in there as a homage to one of the major settings of the story. ;) What a story; what a series. You have created a complex, brilliant series in which story after story is connected. You managed to have plot twists and turns, combine settings (River Heights, Bayport, New York, Italy) seamlessly, and give each character his or her moment to shine. That’s so hard to do, to balance everyone and truly create a universe that really is both Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew... in this case, Ned and George got a lot of development, though in your stories here so have Iola, Callie, and Tony and even Vanessa. I’m amazed that you have this talent. Not only are your mysteries really good, but you also are stylistically fluent. I’ve watched your stories get more in depth with character motivation and development as well. I understand who each person is, and it’s been wonderful to watch that unfold.

As far as this conclusion is concerned, so well done. Nice recap of the mystery and the history behind Black Rose (which in itself was a clever ruse in the series- wow). I’d love to see who Joe ends up with and how it comes to be, and if George ever really did follow through on her resolution to move ahead with Burt. I’d love to see if Nancy has any lasting effects from her injuries. I loved that Nancy here was so willing to go along with whatever Ned wanted and needed and earned, really. She recognizes all that he’s done for her and knows it is his time— that is love. They also parallel Frank and Callie as well, who both want what is best for each other and try to compromise. I would love to see if they have that baby or any more, if Frank follows through on Joe’s suggestion (which was brilliant), and what Callie does with her art degree. You’ve made Callie strong and despite being scared, selfless. She clearly continues to be there for Frank when he needs her and knows how to back down to support him, as when he was worrried about Joe. And Frank is complex as well. He loves being a detective, or at least he did, but now that he killed a man, he IS scared. Omg- when he tried to make Joe think he wasn’t scared; that got me—he’s ever the big brother, despite his own fears. I guess we might have a Dr. Hardy in the future!

So when is the next story coming out?! Does it take place immediately after this one or is it going to flash forward a decade or so in order that we can see where everyone ended up? I suppose you could do that anyway, even without a decade lapse. I really though when you began this story (or was it the last one?!) that you were going to put Frank and Nancy together, but you went the opposite way, and I loved it. How nice to see them as friends and working associates who really love other good people. That speaks to the spirit of the novels (the original ones) and you’ve always had an ability to mirror that style.

Congrats again. Thanks for sharing this story and series.. and keep going with it! I’m sad this story is done!
8/15/2018 c32 2Newtothis351
A fantastic story! Thank you for writing it.
8/15/2018 c32 Candylou
So, Ned is going to be coaching. Nancy was very considerate t o tell Ned it was time to go after his dream. Joe gave Frank some excellent advice. Maybe now Frank could feel at ease. Very good story
8/15/2018 c32 30Caranath
interesting way to wrap this up. I love how Joe was able to find a workable compromise to Frank's dilemma.

those rare stories that have Ned as something other than Nancy's ex or a whiny sexist neanderthal, I honestly never pictured him as being a detective. I have seen him be a lawyer in Carson's employ which was believable. the bitter ex who hated Frank.. that's almost cliche at this point. but even your portrayal of him as a solid, dependable efficient detective still rings like...he settled. he did this cuz he wanted to work with Nancy( apparently no one ever told him that workplace romances seldom work out) bringing him this new job offer solidifies his past in Canon( Emerson football player) and creates a believable future for them both.

Well Done!
8/14/2018 c32 max2013
Happy sigh-I'm mostly satisfied-who Joe ends up with is still unresolved-will that be your short story? If so, I look forward to that-if not, then WHAT'S UP? Thank you for this amazing story!
8/14/2018 c31 74Robot Wolf 26Z
Geez, all Joe needs to do is get blown up and he'll have a trio.

Seems all this stuff going down in Rome has made George make up her mind about things.
8/13/2018 c31 Ritu
Great story!
I may be wrong but looks to me from Frank and Callie's conversation, Frank may be willing to take a break from being a detective. Concentrate on his impending parenthood and deal with his PTSD, family and perhaps do something else for a bit. Which in my opinion isn't wrong at all.
8/13/2018 c31 BMSH
I hope somewhere you have a happily ever after story for Joe :)
8/13/2018 c31 14Cherylann Rivers
Oh my goodness. What an emotional chapter. So glad that Joe will be okay, though your character exploration of Frank was just wonderful. That image of Frank looking to the sky, arms at his side, feeling the weight of the world, was so poignant. He’s torn with complete relief (he has never been so happy to see someone vomit), guilt (wanting to pass out), fear, sorrow... just great stuff here. It’s true to life that he would want to hear his parents’ and Callie’s voices and yet not want to keep repeating the story, yet he still wants Callienwith him. I hope their relationship emerges stronger as a result of all of this, because though Callie is totally justified in her fears, Frank loves what he does... and they both love each other. Great scenes with George too as she proves to be helpful and competent, and it looks like she is starting to get her priorities in order. Yay! Can’t wait for the next chapter. Pardon any typos here- bad internet and autocorrect...
8/13/2018 c31 30Caranath
in the midst of all this, is it bad that I was most pleased about George's internal revelation/epiphany?

especially in light of the fact that she was the one who passed on Joe's clue about Riva del Fiume
8/12/2018 c31 54EvergreenDreamweaver
I do NOT like or trust Alyssa or Wight.

It's nice that George finally figured out that she DOES love Burt, though.
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