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8/6/2018 c19 GokaMekyaku
damn you got me excited when i saw this story at the top of my updated favourites list :(
8/6/2018 c19 3Azaira
While interesting, and probably fun, please don’t take this too far.
Not everyone will have watched the anime and/or movies, so a lot of your characters already seem like OC’s. This includes me, since it has actually be years since I’ve seen many of these characters, and many of them were only a single time. If you are going to follow along with a ton of OC’s, make sure they are temporary - if you plan on keeping any long term, make sure they are either pre-existing characters or very few(3 max). Keeping track of so many characters is already difficult when the story is a chapter by chapter release, rather than something you read straight through in one sitting.
8/6/2018 c19 Criamond
Awesome! I'm really looking forward to what people will submit for this story! And you've really hyped up the Chunin exams, so I'm just bracing myself for the excitement of this arc. Can't wait to see the strategies and fighting styles that other teams will come up with.
8/6/2018 c18 2Drew86419
I enjoyed this chapter very much! I can also understand the points you made addressing my comment last chapter. My star wars droid thing is applying to what they are trying to do in the new disney movies, have you not heard they want to liberate all droids for droid rights? It's hilarious and doesnt make sense but I can see what they are trying to do. I'm not that knowledgeable about the tensiegan or the automatons as I find it wierd o.O
The thing I'm trying to say about conflict, it doesnt have to be physical, make him make hard choices or put him in crazy situations, it can be anything that keeps people on the edge of their seats! I think you've done a fabulous job so far for your first ever fanfiction, if you ever want to bounce ideas off me in personal messages I'll provide my feedback and can maybe help you if you get stuck! Keep up the good work and I'll be a loyal reader!
8/6/2018 c1 Guest
8/5/2018 c17 AdriLAAAxo
Thanks for replying to me! Means a lot (Cause no one else did..Probably cause of the fact they discontinued the story..But yeah.) I don’t know what your planning for this story or where your inspiration comes from but I hope in the future The Village Hidden in Spirits make an alliance with ALL small villages, not the major ones cause they SUCKin this fanfic. I’m also curious and looking forward to seeing how the Chunnin exams will go...lmao. Just imagining the look on the great nations faces when they realize Shiniro Tensi (Sorry can’t spell) made a village who are EXTREMELY more powerful (Okay not EXTREMELY. But ya get muh point.) Soooo yeah. I’m just really super excited for new updates! Please make this book like 500k words...that’d be AMAZING. Heh
8/5/2018 c18 doomqwer
a good chapter and the kidnapping and probable death of nakada is gonna have some serious repercussions with making sarutobi look incompetent as he could not protect his successor's child and i am betting danzo will jump right on that opportunity like a fly on shit and also i am look forward to the confrontation of hinata and naruto as hinata's whole world view would shattered to because she was pushed herself to become stronger and more ruthless in hopes of getting her sister back and yeah now that i think of it the modernization of boruto kinda ruined the edo period feel of naruto and screwed it up alot and yeah i am glad the hoshikagure star helped out and i look forward to more
8/5/2018 c18 Guest
IT always saddens me when i reach the end of the newest chapter...
8/4/2018 c18 naruto
great chapter keep it up and don't worry about the update schedule if you have something that you need to do in real life first before you can get back to the story plus I will read that side story after this chapter. thanks
8/4/2018 c18 Guest55
Good story. I have disagree w ith you about clan secret jutsus. You make it where anyone can demand othe peoples jutsus. Someone will shed blood and tears to creat something and you would force them to share it. Imagine the rasegan and harashin. Jutsus should remain with the famoly who inherited or create them. However the library should be maintained will all jutsu that have been shared or taken from enemies.
8/4/2018 c18 LuluViBritania
First; Deva using Animal path to summon/Human to erase that initiates memorys(possibly occured before AP was givin a body)/Asura against Hidan are you going with 1 until said Path has its own body the abilitys can be used by other path bodys or 2 all path bodys can use all abilitys so long as they are not being use by another at that moment

Second; He has access to Biju 1-5/7/8/9(collected her rent when he retrieved Zetsu) thus he should now have 5 Tomoe is that still not enough to use Yomotsu Hirasaka without the coma side effect? or will he have to find Saiken first

Third; "Samsara(Rinne) Copy Wheel(Sharin) Eye(Gan)" is the eye on his forhead it is the Rinnegan and Sharingan in a single eye; The fact that the Rinnegan can't use sharingan techniques(which is pure speculation Nagatos eyes were both transplants and he was unaware they evolved from Sharingan thus him not using sharingan ability's when in Rinnegan form is in no way proof that the original owner couldn't) is illogical doing the same for the "Samsara(Rinne) Copy Wheel(Sharin) Eye(Gan)" is taking that illogical thinking and giving it steroids

Fourth; The Civilian council idea is completly idiotic the Daimyō caring even more so Daimyos just like Kages are Dictatorships the council is only advisery Daimyō's leave Military actions to Shoguns and would not expect non-Ninja to run a Ninja Villiage or at the very least the Ninja part
8/4/2018 c18 777torn777
There is so much going on I love it. The evil Akaski fill in, in the back ground. Nagato being angry. Village expansion. Yugito angst. Hanabi being adorable.
Will the other tailed beasts hosts develop a tailed beast cloak like cannon Naruto?
So Hanabi is able to see tracker nin skilled enough to hide from her eyes decently well. Is that a marker that perception is her forte or is that a marker of her average skill? They were putting all their efforts in hiding; so that's a thing, but I'm sure they did want to have the element of surprise.
So Anko is in route... hmm.. gonna be interesting.
Oh and last thing any plans for Mei? She was one of the more rational Kage.
Thank you for the great read >.<
8/4/2018 c18 Criamond
Yay! Another really informative chapter. It was nice to see how Anko has been feeling back in Konohagakure, especially her doubt and disappointment in Hiruzen. Also, it was nice to see how the Human path was gained. I almostALMOST felt bad for Hidan, but he gave me a good laugh regardless of how messed up (and borderline hysterical) he was.

Additionally, I'm really interested in these clans that are joining the Spirit Village, and how many will comprise the village in the future. And then finding the Kyubi is another mystery for this story that I'll enjoy reading in the future.

Anyway, I really missed your writing. I hope that your stuff was sorted out, and I look forward to reading your writing once more!
8/4/2018 c18 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Excellent chapter. I enjoyed it immensely. I’ll definitely be sure to give your Enter Nakada Uzumaki a read soon. Just been really busy as of late. Lol. Also, I wanted to apologize for he late chapter. Had to get a new phone today and so...yea. Lol. I digress though.

Please take your time with my character. I’m in no rush. I am patient to an extreme degree too y’know.

Anyhoo, I can’t wait to see more of this. Looks like Anko has her doubts on the village. How much you wanna bet she’ll be leaving the village due to the condition it’s in?

Till next time! Looking forward to seeing what else awaits us readers!
8/4/2018 c18 Ezeakel
It's a good choice for anko to join Naruto.
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