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for Child of the Kaminoki

2/16/2023 c5 amavgupta0
See no offense about my previous comments just genuine review and when a good chapter then a good story
2/16/2023 c5 amavgupta0
Not 5 tails monkey but 4 tails monkey son goku is 4 tails kokuo the dolphin-horse is 5 tails a mistake in this chapter just correct it
2/16/2023 c4 amavgupta0
And bijuus can’t heal people from poison and only kyuubi has healing properties no other bijuu so shukaku shouldn’t be able to heal gases from poison but it gives resistance surely for prove- Naruto wave arc demon brothers Naruto hand poisoned and 2nd Naruto shippuden the movie with the sky village invasion Naruto poisoned not able to even move
2/16/2023 c4 amavgupta0
Bro when kyuubi was sealed mito she was an adult not a baby and even kushina was 5-6yrs old when kyuubi was sealed inside her definitely not a baby and only uzumakis can handle kyuubi chakra and a baby can’t handle full chakra hence the kyuubi was separated using the reaper death and it was not sealed inside Naruto using reaper death but 8 trigrams seal reaper death seal seals things inside the shinigami’s stomach not in someone else 8 trigrams was the seal used to seal kyuubi inside Naruto
2/16/2023 c23 thor94
good chapter.
interesting these genin team and the rainbow dash hair style prank on the haruno family was really fun.
Does takumi is kabuto in disguise or you just used his nin-info card idea for an OC?
Can't wait next chapter.
2/16/2023 c23 777torn777
I was wondering who would blow their top
2/16/2023 c23 1ramsesjames05
2/16/2023 c3 amavgupta0
Since when kyuubi healing can regenerate limbs I didn’t see Naruto growing a limb after his fight with sasuke I wonder why
2/15/2023 c3 amavgupta0
Bro you know he is the hokage right so why will people not knowing about kushina can stop his enemies from getting to him, 1st thing kushina’s seal had a hiraishin, 2nd he can’t stop his wife from going outside with him and 3rd if a village kidnaps even a civilian they could get to minato because if doesn’t do anything it will produce a bad image for him and his leadership and if it’s a important clan of Konoha then minato itself might go. Look no hate it’s a good story but that is a weak argument of keeping kushina a secret
2/15/2023 c23 N1cok
Enjoyed the Chapter.
2/15/2023 c23 IgniousLupus
I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter and I feel like it's set up the future chapters beautifully.
Considering the amount of info that you needed to juggle to even get to this point I think you did an awesome job in ensuring that nothing was forgotten or pushed to the sidelines.
I also like the near feverish nature of Hinata when asking about Hanabi, it really comes across like she's perpetually nearing a mental breakdown, I think that all the Konoha nin have been handled well thus far, but Hinata and Sasuke are definitely my favourites lmao.

I think that it was a cool choice to have the Kumo shinobi the one with the info cards given their Raikage's probable obsession with finding the Shiroi Oni

All in all, I think that everything in this chapter was handled extremely well and I am immensely looking forward to chapter 24 already!
2/15/2023 c23 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Excellent work! I enjoyed this chapter! Although I noticed you mixed up Takumi as a Kiri nin when in fact he’s a Kumo nin. You were able to fix it after the Spirit nin shredded his “info cards” but I thought you should still know.

I’m also quite surprised that you don’t recall that it was also me who submitted Satoshimaru! If you’d like, I can re-send you his profile via PM? Anyway, just wanted to make sure and inform you on that and that he’s trademarked. Lol.

Final thing was I couldn’t tell whether or not the second member of Yoshio’s Kiri team was actually a title or in fact, a name. I couldn’t tell so yeah. Mind clearing that up?

I’m looking forward to what’s next! So exciting.
2/14/2023 c22 yon.kleteng
please continue
2/14/2023 c22 IgniousLupus
So, I'm the guest that said they felt cheated.

First things first. I fucking loved this chapter, I love how nothing from the last parts have been forgotten, and that I can feel the emotions in the conversations (although that's been the same for all of these chapters). I am so glad that you're back to making this fanfic, I feel so blessed. Thank you for not abandoning it.

And second thing. When I read "P.S. Oh, and to you Guest who proclaimed that you felt so cheated. Thank you for your review, your words, in part, are what encouraged me to come back" I jumped out of my fucking seat, I was SO chuffed. I'm glad that I could have an impact large enough to pull you back to this story, and I can't wait for the one's to come
2/13/2023 c22 VoidGamer
Great chapter!
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