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for Child of the Kaminoki

2/13/2023 c22 robosarell1.0
please continue
2/13/2023 c22 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
OMG! You’re back Blackright! It’s good to have you here once again working on this! I apologize for my own long absence as well, but life has been really busy and I’ll admit I also was kinda upset this story was abandoned for a time and all that, I just wanted to consider your own feelings and not come across as well, whiny and ungrateful. My deepest apologies.

But now that you’re back to this, I hope we can continue to discuss ideas together whilst enjoying this story like the good old days!

Speaking for the chapter itself, I enjoyed it. I really did. I especially liked the little gift you gave us at the end here with Hanabi being an adorable adoptive daughter who loves her ramen! I especially liked how everything unfolded here and sets up for what lies ahead in the future! I’m extremely excited and look forward to what’s next! Until then!
2/13/2023 c13 1dammyd
Why doesn't Naruto's Chakra have Nature's Chakra in it? After all his father is nature?
2/13/2023 c22 1ramsesjames05
Thank you for come back!
2/13/2023 c22 3Stephane az
hâte de voir la suite
2/13/2023 c22 AidenJacksonSmithDSBB
Where are you been?
2/13/2023 c5 GloGang214
keep the names short. in my opinion it's so annoying seeing names like uzumak-namikaze naruto or uchiha-uzumaki
2/13/2023 c4 GloGang214
should have just made it tsurī-kun instead. it sounds dumb with atsut-kun
2/13/2023 c4 GloGang214
I know this is an au and this is a fanfiction but I always cringe seeing different names and genders to people. it has nothing to do with your story in general, its just something I can never get over. other than that this is a great story.
2/12/2023 c22 EmpoweredHotcakes
Fuck yes
2/12/2023 c22 12mastercheif1229
Awesome chapter! Can't wait for the next one! Hope that you update this again soon! I'm probably going to reread it since it's been so long.
2/8/2023 c23 Guest
You have no idea how fucking invested I got in this story before you said about a rewrite... I don't want to start this again, I want to continue. So much good shit was happening and now I just have to... Move to a fucking rewrite... God damnit. I feel so cheated.

14 hours I spent reading this. It took my entire day, and I was genuinely invested in every chapter
11/15/2022 c1 gadallaamira252
great chapter cant wait for more
6/1/2022 c1 kganya may s.a
good job
4/13/2022 c3 Jon211107
Bro this chapter is literally bs like kyuubi can’t literally heal severed body parts or else the jinchuriki would literally be immortal and then how the heck did the baby not die having it’s hand severed also the blood lose should be too much
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