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for Child of the Kaminoki

3/28/2022 c21 Guest
I just happen to find this book or fanfic.
Is was one of the best that I found so far and appreciated all the efforts. Too bad that is not finished
2/20/2022 c2 9Michito Otsutsuki
Awwww naruto ain’t naruto without the whiskers
2/14/2022 c23 kurama Baryon mode
to be honest your rewrite was not that good, I like this one more, but you won't see this
10/20/2021 c22 lamthai316
I'll be honest...
Most of us are a fan this one. Its your choice to
discontinue this and work on the rewrite.
Your rewrite is terrible though.
I dont expect you to ever come back to this or
care about my opinion. Just letting you know.
10/7/2021 c23 Danirodriguez1995
Please continue, the story is very good, Please don't give up, a story that the truth has no comparison. I can tell you since I am a huge fan of this type of story and the truth is they have no comparison.
7/17/2021 c23 3savagegamer675
This was an amazing read, at first I wasn’t sure but after reading more chapter this was probably my favorite, although I won’t read Blind sight since it’s not that appealing and isn’t the same story
5/23/2021 c1 BYmTRax
I am fascinated by this story, it has a good plot, the fights are very well detailed, well, leaving aside the references, I would like to know if you would let me upload your story to my YouTube channel. could you enjoy it with me well I hope your answer
5/17/2021 c1 gordua afa

heohfojqj hjih
5/10/2021 c21 lamthai316
I was actually looking forward to the next chapter.
Why a rewrite? I think you have more fans on this story.'s disappointing but it's your choice.
4/10/2021 c22 1kazutoayoma
i absolutly loved this story I hope the rewrite is amazing as cotk continue the good work
4/10/2021 c2 Mimiyuh
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance. ... If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to or
12/17/2020 c11 kazutoayoma
Really awesome Story continue the good work
10/29/2020 c21 Guest
Great storyline looking forward too next chapters
9/8/2020 c1 1ramsesjames05
6/24/2020 c22 1thatfanboi
this is awesome, good job
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