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4/13/2023 c1 Chet
Oh shit ron.
6/30/2020 c8 4shthar
That closet had a window. and you had a BULLHORN!
6/30/2020 c3 shthar
THis is one of the few stories I've seen anywhere that knows if you want to do something about a story, you don't waste time with reporters, you go to the editor.
4/14/2020 c23 If u aint Dutch u aint much
Someone should do Stephen kings the stand in Kim Possible universe
8/2/2019 c7 45Mr. Aanonymous
are there any lemons in this story?
5/26/2019 c5 zafnak
Dr P has gone off the deep end. Making a sythodrone match for his daughter/Ron based on his wife when she was single? What, was there an opening in the Mad Science department when Drakken was killed and Dr P applied? Sheesh!
5/26/2019 c1 zafnak
Drakken's plan to have "Eric" rape Kim...just plain Evil.

Giant cockroaches to the rescue! Total win.
5/26/2019 c1 lifefailout000
Lmao. Legal requirement for every KP writer? Shut the hell up, you smug prick. Those types of stories are in the vast minority.

But naw, seriously. This is an interesting premise for Kim and Ron. Can’t believe I just recently I found this. Good stuff.
2/8/2019 c23 10Elsil
Huh. An interesting idea that rarely makes its way to conclusion I'm fanfiction. Kudos and making it to the endElsil
2/8/2019 c16 Elsil
Good Shakespeare reference. Although I always hear it in commander Data's voice lol.

2/8/2019 c15 Elsil
I really do find myself wanting for KP to reclaim her name. It remains quite jarring.

2/8/2019 c23 23kmtdiccion
Wow... Just got updated with this story, and I must say that on one part, I am livid that you dragged me to places I never even imagined (You could've even taken me out for a dinner first before you did those), but nonetheless, the ride was exhilarating as it's conclusion!

Looking back at the story description, you definitely did what you've planned from the start. You made me see a whole new world of ideas that can branch out from that episode. Thanks for a fun read!
2/7/2019 c6 10Elsil
Oh gosh. How many people understood that Snaggletooth reference? That one made me laugh.

1/12/2019 c23 47daccu65
And so we have reached the end...maybe.

It was a wonderful and unexpected ride, taking us in sometimes disturbing directions. Now, there's a chance of a sequel/prequel/sort-of-related tale, where those who were left to pick up the pieces can try to learn from the errors of the past/future. Yes, time travel is indeed a cornucopia of disturbing possibilities.
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