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8/20/2019 c1 14holmgang
You know, I think one of the reasons I wasn't so keen on Miles/Tris in later seasons is because we just didn't get this. At no point did we get the pay-off of Miles finally telling Tristan what really went on, that first time they broke up. They rarely got to just... talk. So reading your portrayal of them doing so several times is really gratifying! I especially enjoyed the first part because I love those awkward, hard to have conversations lol (although UGH at it ending right before the bus crash! T-T)
7/2/2018 c1 4OkuntinTenfeder
Triles in NC for sure was missing a few connecting scenes. And you did good on that - even though I felt that scene IV and V weren't as needed, as the first three. Miles opening up to Tristan IMO is a really important point in their relationship - which NC sadly never covered - thanks for doing that. :) Something you might want to change: With most scenes I needed a few passages to really know, where in the NC story we are right now. Maybe you want to point that out, before starting into the scene, because as a reader, you are faster into the scene, if you don't have to figure out first, where you are.
- Okuntin
6/29/2018 c1 52Amethyst Beloved
The Degrassi community is at an all time low and if it turns out that the feedback you get is little, I hope that the quality of this review will make up for that.

I'm having such a good time reading another author's missing moments after I've already crafted my own version so long ago. The conversation that made Tristan understand that Mr. H was a trigger could have happened anywhere from their Season 1 reconciliation to the beginning of Season 2 and I love how we picked different approaches. I'm glad that they pushed through the awkwardness to have a real conversation. Tristan's line about the non-existant sex scandal is so him!

Lol, is "plugged nickel" more British slang? We don't have that saying here. At least I understand it's something that doesn't exist. I don't blame Tristan for thinking that Miles relapsed with his horrible track record and all. I think it's so amazing that you covered Miles' reaction to Hunter being committed. I totally left that out since there was already so much to play with between Triles. The scene where Miles is tangled in Tristan is so powerful. He's his anchor and you did a wonderful job of writing that.

I love the honeymoon stage of TV couples. The buildup towards making things official is great, but once a couple is canon a common saying is that it's all downhill from there since the options are either to throw in conflict or simmer on the back-burner. I admire the way you unfolded Miles's abuse story gradually. They're physical and emotional development is growing together in parallel.

The Triles love confession is one of my favourite parts of Season 2. It's such a beautiful contrast to their pool side exchange in Thunderstruck. Just reading over their words is making my heart swell all over again. I loved the way you wrote the intimacy with enough explanation to set the scene while still leaving enough out for the reader to fill in the gaps. I've been so narrow minded with the "check-list" of what makes up a gay sex scene that I missed out on the environment that you wanted to create. But I totally see it now.

Miles and Tristan were in such a good place by the end of Season 2. I hate that the development of their relationship was taken away from us despite Season 3 being Degrassi's strongest season to date (in my opinion). I'm glad that the last part of your fic showed this period before everything changed forever. The segue way between Tristan being Miles' cheerleader to Frankie's game and him even mentioning that cursed bus is heartbreaking to the reader.

Thank you so much for taking the time to bring my boys back to me. This was so special.

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