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5/16/2020 c38 17Scousedancer
Great chapter! So glad Kahlan has a friend like Cara, someone who understands what she's gone through, but has thw courage to tell Kahlan what she needs to hear
2/11/2020 c38 Chaxxyking
Hi I didn't know you still write I'm glad u are Happy New Year my fave LOTS writer
10/22/2019 c37 Scousedancer
Glad Cara has good friends & a lover to help her realise its ok for her to be happy, despite her past. Wonder though where the living nightmares she & Kahlan are suffering are coming from?
9/30/2019 c36 Scousedancer
Cara is lucky to have a friend like Kahlan, someone who understands her, and the darker side of her nature. Its good they've had the conversation they needed to have, and hopefully together they can find a solution to their problems together
8/29/2019 c35 Scousedancer
Poor Cara, loosing someone you love is so hard
8/8/2019 c19 Chaxxyking
I just want to ask why mordsiths are apprehensive to children reading about kahlan's diplomatic missions to get Ava or even Cara to hold younger Cara is really fun is it they are scared of her that she will compel them or mordsiths are just naturally awkward with children confessors or children in general
8/8/2019 c32 Chaxxyking
This to me is the saddest chapter in this fanfic reading about Cara in the cemetery with her son's tombstone is the most heartbreaking scene I have read I actually cried and couldn't finish the chapter at first I felt Cara's heartaches it was truly touching and on a lighter note the one thing I do love about this chapter is finally getting to know more about Ben there's something certain from his interactions with Cara he's trustworthy and funny and a true friend Cara can always rely on
8/8/2019 c33 Chaxxyking
reading kahlan and cara talk about Ava makes me miss her the more the things she went through for Cara especially with her son is heartbreaking she will forever be a dear to us even with rahl dead his ghost still haunts our heroes what he did to Cara's son is unbelievable killing his own son speaks volumes of his evil I'm glad his chapter is over and love our little confessor Cara glad to welcome her to the family and knowing we have another confessor to count on makes it all worth it love to see more aunty Cara n baby cara scenes they are the dynamic duo we are all rooting for and finally relived to see older Cara looking more of herself everyday her dryless humor and all that comes with it
8/6/2019 c34 Scousedancer
Poor Cara, she's been through so much, Lila's accusations must feel like the final staw
7/26/2019 c33 Scousedancer
Its amazing how the simple worldveiw of a child can warm the heart & make things seem alot better. Young Cara seems to have helped her Aunt without quite realising it
6/17/2019 c32 Scousedancer
What a heartbreaking chapter! Poor Cara, to finally see her son's grave, so plain & unremarkable. It would seem though that in Ben, she's found a good friend
6/7/2019 c31 Scousedancer
Loved the last 4 chapters (68-31), despite loosing Ava (sniff! Sob!). Love that Kahlan & Richard were finally able to get through to Cara & return her to her old self. That Kahlan & Richard named their daughter after her was a beautiful moment
3/27/2019 c30 Chaxxyking
hooray Cara's back awesome & it only took a week I expect she will be back in action in no time Ava's death though is still a great loss kahlan was right rahl's death was too quick loved Cara's interactions with the team especially kahlan still looking forward to Ben's the next chapter will no doubt be epic As always wishing u the best Kings
3/5/2019 c20 Chaxxyking
Pls post soon wishing u the best Kings
3/5/2019 c29 Chaxxyking
hi thnks 4 posting especially on my birthday of all days Ava's death is a huge blow to all of us she will be missed I can only hope kahlan and the rest of us find closure because we do moving on what does Richard mean by he knows what will make kahlan feel better and is time travel involved
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