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8/30/2018 c31 9ArtificialRangerLiuria
My friend and I like to make fun of Vaati for being a magical virgin from a gnome dimension, so it's nice to see him insist that he has, in fact, caught the reciprocal fancy of plenty of maidens and whoever else caught his eye.

I also wanna say that THIS is more of what I consider "slow burn" than most of the actual slow burn stories. I see so many people label their stories "slow burn" and then the characters are opening up within five chapters. Like, no. Stop. This is not slow burn, this is carpet burn. Please give them time.

Also congrats on getting published! I have no discipline when it comes to writing schedules so I don't have anything finished. Like ever.
8/30/2018 c30 ArtificialRangerLiuria
I appreciate the little nod to us SidLink trash. Okay but no really Sidon does come off as the kind of person with such an overpowering presence that you wouldn't be able to help staring and admiring every detail, physical or othetwise.

Vaati being territorial over his trophy husbando is pretty gud.
8/29/2018 c30 Guest
The ship has finally sailed!
8/29/2018 c30 Mari
Vaati would be the possessive type.

This will make things even more stressful and confusing for Link.
8/27/2018 c29 ArtificialRangerLiuria
Oh my god I'm out of breath, they're just two bratty kids wrestling and f*cking around as this radiant god stands before them, the picture of serenity. For an evil god, Vaati sure is a stupid baby.

I will say, Farore just... appearing seemed a little sudden. Then again, Vaati is originally a picori, a blessed race, and he's also a god, kinda. So I guess it makes sense that he gets to have Morning Meeting with the other ladies.
8/27/2018 c27 ArtificialRangerLiuria

binch you got me on board with this dumb ship, how could you
8/27/2018 c26 ArtificialRangerLiuria
I expected the more explicit bits of the story to be off-putting (swears in Zelda are usually a no from me dog) but, honestly? You captured the unadulterated goofiness of a couple a horny kids PERFECTLY. It just, I dunno, flowed. Really, fantastic job. I was not looking forward to this chapterthis" being the "big fluffy part" I mean) but you've blown me away yet again.
8/25/2018 c26 FCL
wow! What a chapter! the truth has finally come to light! well, night, more like xP as for why they'd do it, i understood perfectly, and while i was surprised they confessed all of that being completely sober, i realised it must've had something to do with the desert heat, you know? heat melts brains xD and i just can't stop being amazed at how brilliant it actually is- the villain and the hero, two people that instead of trying to kill each other (i'm all for the soup ladle sticking out of Vaati's back and him surviving, though:D), they actually give each other a chance, and maybe they prepared the ground beforehand- their journey together made it easier to say those things without any prejudices, like, for Link, Vaati is a monster, sure, but he was stopped, he had failed as well, so he isn't all that terrifying:P plus, if he really was a monster, then he wouldn't just simply not be telling this to Link, but he'd also be much more dangerous from the start, but since Vaati wasn't, then Link figured that even if Vaati was a monster, he indeed decided to change a bit;) besides, being locked up for thousands of years can make anyone change their ways:D so yeah, that was good:) the thing that i was wondering was what they were doing while confessing all of that- i mean, really? They're admitting to being each other's sworn, destined enemies and they cuddle together?xD so that was funny and adorable:)
also, good to have had some more insight of Vaati's thoughts, like his dreams, that was terrible for him:/ and i wanted to go a bit towards the previous chapter too, before i want to confront something very important in here:P i would really love to see Vaati's surprise at how Yiga can be stupid, that they'll not only leave their weapons for Link and him to take, but that they'll also leave the cap in the same spot:D that'll probably have him decide against being evil, since the minions he would have are incredibly dumb:D and Link helping Vaati learn the ways of combat with weapons would be cool to see:) but you know, that idea about Vaati praying to the Goddess was actually Link's idea, and when Vaati finally says he could do it, Link acts as if it was a bad idea and he never has any good ones...poor boy:/ and i didn't know Link really liked to look cute xP (as for the Lynel part, i do not want to comment xD) anyways!
someone (Link) finally said it!:V because yes, everyone is lying to Link! He hadn't slept for one hundred years, i'm still trying to count how many in fact, if at all, and the easy way you can confirm that is simply by comparing the 'pictures of the past' and memories to how the places look in the present time...would you say the one hundred year time passage occured? well, no, because the places don't look any different from the pictures taken one hundred years ago, as if the one hundred years hadn't passed! *gasp* the best picture of all, though, is the last one, this one is hella fun- you know, the one with all the decayed guardians? The picture which Zelda took when Link was dying in her arms, Calamity Ganon breaking free, Zelda going to Korok Forest to put back the Master Sword and then go back to the Castle where Ganon waited for her like an obedient little pig? Yeah, that one. Well, the problem with that picture is that the Guardians on it are overgrown by grass and moss and stuff, as if some time had actually passed, after that battle at Fort Hateno, like, the picture was taken after she had taken it?o.O well, the good thing is that i'm writing about all of that in my own story, which probably no one will give a look at (since i'm so lazy with writing:(), and i'm sorry for spoiling you with all that information, but at least you can confirm to Link that he's indeed been lied to:) but ah! i've gotten a bit off topic, sorry:P but i do agree with him being a completely different person from the one in the past (which i think i write in the last review?;)), and his conspiration ideas are pretty solid too:D and why should he have any attachment to the people from his memories? They're no one to him, he doesn't know them at all;) as for who did more work, Zelda or Link, well, that's actually easy too- Link didn't even need to do anything, Zelda (could've) sealed Ganon by herself. Remember all the fuss about Link wielding the blade of evil's bane? well, he hadn't even been the one to deal the final blow to Ganon, Ganon wasn't sealed in the Master Sword as all of his previous incarnations, like... where was he sealed even?o.O (when Nintendo said, they're breaking all Zelda conventions, they actually broke everything that made it Zelda- what was the point of Master Sword in such case?) ok, i'm finishing, really, but there's one more thing you need to know:) in BotW Link doesn't have the Triforce of Courage, so...yeah... and in case you were wondering, Calamity Ganon doesn't have the Triforce of Power, as well... Do you dare to guess who has them, the whole Triforce?:P)
ahh, i'm sorry to hear about what's happened to your reply, i'm sorry x( i understand, though, since i was quite exhausted writing a review like that xD but really? Samurai said BotW Zelda isn't a fighter type? oh, that's rich! so they're saying Albw Zelda is a fighter type? She's more a fighter than BotW Zelda? had they even played the games?:o like, in BotW, Zelda fights for one hundred years (theoretically xP), are they Yiga or something? well, no one can tell me that Nintendo hadn't lost their mind, they're making one dumb thing after another...o.o ahh, i'm sorry about this rant, you can ignore me:) but yeah, i do like your take on on Zelda:) and thanks for forgiving me:) however! you'll have to write how to find you on the tumblr, because FFnet deletes all Links it doesn't like:/ even if you see the Link, we can't, so you have to say how we can find you:)
Anyways, good chapters!x) i can't believe that so much has happened and we're only halfway through, like, there'll happen even more and i have no idea what!:O (just no M or Tplus stuff, please xD) but here! Have this soup ladle with all the inspiration and time to write you might need! Use it wisely;) and take care!
8/24/2018 c26 Mari
This chapter gave me all the feels. I ship them so hard.

Link is a kinky boy. Would he want to try it with Vaati's demon form?

I think it will help them relax around each other now that the big secret is revealed.
8/24/2018 c24 FCL
i think that maybe i should be banned from writing reviews o.O
but i forgot to add one thing, if i still may? i like how Link views Zelda and their relationship: not as a friend or a crush or something. Just a post-trauma companion, because that's all she is to the Present him really;)
8/24/2018 c24 FCL
wah, i've been missing this x) really, i wanted to congratulate you on the tenth chapter, but then the numbers just kept increasing: to 13, to 16, to 18, to 20, and now to 24, i was surprised and amazed by your pace:D but i had my worst enemy to deal with... myself xP but now that i caught up, i hope to not get so far behind again:) good job on getting so far though!:D if there's a possibility of 47 chapters, then i really wonder what will happen until the end, because the situation here seems pretty set:P like, Zelda and Link talk about Vaati, he knows they talk about him, but for some reason they don't do anything to him? Couldn't they just...lock him up somewhere?:P anyways, i had a few things to say to other chapters i've been writing down when i went along, i guess most are irrelevant now:P
about Link, i really like he doesn't want to let down anyone 'ever' again, due to his failure all that time ago. That he's doing his best, but even he can't do everything, and i hope he comes to terms with it, it wasn't his fault:) and recently i've read another interesting thing, that Present Link is different from the Past Link. Like, while everyone makes Link remember his past and make him live the life that doesn't exist anymore, he should actually focus on this life that he has here, because those memories are of someone else, rather;) and they only keep dragging him down, he has to move forward to find himself:) what do you think?:P or that he's feeling guilty so easily, like he said so himself that a stranger can say something to him and he's disappointed already... Someone needs to fix that poor boy!:o and i liked every bit where Vaati tried to tell something about himself, but not in a way that would hint who he is xD though at some point he started getting careless or didn't care, that he kept giving Link bits and pieces of information that if Link would be more of a thinker, he'd put together already:D
Hilarious was when Link kept constantly being worried about setting something very dangerous in Hyrule, but didn't know that he himself was leading to set that upon Hyrule, if they found the cap xP Link was leading to something he wanted to prevent, the kind of dramatic irony in par with Oedipus xP
descriptions of Vaati's scars were interesting! and i guess that Vaati witnessed both events in The Minish Cap and the Four Swords Adventures? (because in the latter, he wasn't in his human/Minish form, i think? but he refers to that one xP) but it will be even more funny if Link finds out that whoever had done this to Vaati was actually his previous incarnation xD btw, since they already know so much about him, Vaati could tell Link he's a Minish, since that knowledge won't do even as much harm as the one about being the beast:D but all this time Vaati had one sided vision? i would understand when he's a one-eyeball monster (with smaller eyes at his disposal), but it's surprising when he's human, that would somehow affect his wandering around the world, no?:) and why do you have to make something so funny out of something so terrible? When Vaati says he was too handsome, so they had to bring him down to the mortal level, it was good xD also, isn't Vaati covering the right side of his face? It's left when you're looking at him from up front, but for him, it's his right side and Link asks "what they had against the left side of your face?" xP and Vaati got it all wrong, it's not a gossip tree, it's a gossip stone:P
as a matter of fact, yes, birds (and Rito) have ears. Why else would they be chirping and singing and stuff? i'd rather ask if the Zora had ears xP also, i wouldn't say that Sheikah tech is technology only, i think they have some magic involved in it:) and when Link is listing the runes off to Vaati, he gets it mixed up a bit:P it should be: "Stasis- that stops time, cryonis- something to make ice blocks, Magnesis- is like a magnet" xP and i didn't know Vaati could drive though, where's his license?:P and him finding a new love for taking pictures... of himself xD that was funny:D but really? "wearing the beanie in about fifty different photos"?! But the Slate has room only for 48!:V had Purah upgraded it or something?:o also, the three days grew a but suddenly into two weeks, it was strange xP (and that they haven't found anything in such a long time...) and i wanted to see a situation where Link wants to show Zelda a picture of something, but she sees his gallery filled with Vaati pictures xD (unless she already had and that's how she knows?:)) and wow, as soon as Link said "friend" and "she" Vaati immediately went jealous!:D
hm, still in Ch15, there's a good backstory connecting BotW with FSA, but Link earlier on said the temple wasn't there before? So if the Royal Family kept a hold of that sword some time ago, why did it appear out of nowhere? And why do they think it wasn't Calamity? It could've been Calamity that got out of that sword, they just sealed him somewhere else and found his previous place of imprisonment later on;) also, old lady Impa biting on her nails, too funny xD
ommmg xD this: "It's when he's leaving the house that he finds himself wondering if there's really a beast out there now, why it hasn't gone looking for the princess. Or what it could possibly be too preoccupied with to not reveal itself already." Link! The beast is taking a bath! One can take a bath once in a while you know? What would you do if you were finally free after being locked inside a sword for centuries?! Taking a proper bath, that's what you'd be doing xD and it's weird Zelda went to infiltrate the Yiga, since they want her dead as much as they want Link, or more xP and how come she gets to be taught the cool Sheikah stuff? Though she should've used a different name for her disguise, since if Yiga know about the legends of the Minish Cap, they might as well know about the legends of the princess that dressed as a Sheikah xP also: "He's already risked his life for Hyrule. It's unfair to ask him to do this for us." So Zelda hadn't risked her life for Hyrule? Why there's a difference between them, as if he hadn't the right to?:P you know who would have been good at infiltrating their Clan? Beedle xP
ever since the beginning, i was wondering why Vaati was so certain the hat was somewhere in Hyrule, like, it could've been somewhere else, in a different time maybe, why was he so sure though? And when they were sitting at night and talking- did Vaati make the breeze because he wanted to appear cool in Link's eyes, or just because he likes to feel the wind?:P and it's funny how he can't stop calling Link 'hero', it's as if because he was a villain, there's no other way for him to call Link, since that's the only thing that'll come from his villain mouth xP riding cycles and eating kebabs won't keep Link in top shape, i can already see his stomach growing:P the fight with Lizalfos was intense though! (at least Link will have some exercise) but where did it come from, and how was it suddenly so close that it hit Link on the back of his head?:/ also, once they deal with the monsters, Link will eventually run out of monster guts and of fuel for his beloved cycle xP and of a way to earn rupees, he'll have to find a job.
Ch18, nice with finally getting some leads and Link getting some glympses at Vaati's true face!:D though i wonder whyever the siblings went all the way to Hebra if they so easily got themselves redirected to Midoro Swamp?:P awesome confrontation though:D i also can't believe how Link and Vaati constantly keep reassuring themselves they don't trust each other xD like, why? and congrats on getting yourself a fanart! it's quite good indeed!:D (i draw sometimes too, but i don't have inspiration recently. i'll think about it though, since i want to draw the two together too xD) so in all of Hyrule, they invent cycles, teleportation, stopping time, and creating blocks of ice, but they can't even invent coffee? Link would need one. Or two:D as for: "When has someone else ever gotten to a chest before him?" Then that was in Phantom Hourglass, and i guess Twilight Princess is stretching it a bit xP at least Vaati understands the coincidences are on their side:D
"even that knocked the wind out of me," he says this as if it's some big joke Link's not in on." At least the readers are in on the Wind Mage's jokes xD Link, what perfect moment is it aside for being locked in a cell? Vaati's sleeping, so what's perfect about that?:P but yeah, it seems sad their relationship might get destroyed because of what Vaati is:/ he didn't choose to be an ancient evil:(
it was a bit weird that when they got to Kara Kara they simply went to sleep, like Zelda didn't even check up on Link or wake him up. And that they keep conversing with Vaati as if they weren't suspecting him of being a great evil xP but good news! when i think about this (your) Zelda in terms of her being a different Zelda than the one in BotW (because she seems different, much more real too:)), then i like her actually:) like, if i take her as a separate one from the BotW Zelda then she's a good character and likeable even:) so that's good! a bit of a strange thing now though- previously Link had mixed feelings about Vaati, but now he's admitting to having feelings for him, gravitating towards him and even "destined to be together", which is a surprise since they were for so long together already (even a week in the prison) and nothing of the kind was mentioned then:P and one thing i wanted to mention basically every time it happened, but decided to leave it for the end, you keep refering to Vaati both as 'boy' and as 'man', so well... it's a bit confusing which one he is, so please, settle for one xP
ahh, i need to finish this, because it really got out of hand, and i'm tired and hungry xD and please, do not answer to all of this, if anything at all, it'll be the end of us all, and of Hyrule xD but, ah, sorry again for not writing anything for so long! so many reviews missed!:P thanks for writing, and now i'll miss having all those chapters to read xD hopefully your inspiration and signal won't get jammed by the Yiga buffoons (though speaking of which, a clown in Gerudo Desert is quite an usual sight, right? with all the Yiga...) and Vaati's wanting of a legendary blond will prove to be more important than taking over the world to help you writing:D (actually, the prospect of Vaati in charge of Hyrule is actually a good and interesting idea, i'd like that:D) thanks again, and see you soon, hopefully!:) take care!
8/24/2018 c22 ArtificialRangerLiuria
Oooh and now Zelda's on Vaati's hitlist. Good job kids, you messed everything up.
8/24/2018 c21 ArtificialRangerLiuria
Vaati not murdering the innocent? Not sure if I buy that lol. He was implied to have killed people in TMC.

Aaahhh great bit about the "good looking blonde". That would certainly explain it, lol.

And just like that, he revealed his identity to Zelda, didn't he? Nice detail, I like that you snuck it in there.
8/23/2018 c20 ArtificialRangerLiuria
You seem to have left some little notes to yourself scattered about. There's a description of "red, burned" in parentheses, and then a "ffxc" later on. Or maybe fanfiction just ate some of your words.

Oh, what Link says is true. He was basically a Mary Sue as a kid, a freaky prodigy at age 4, like the Mozart of swordplay. I don't plan on buying BoTW so some of these details easily elude me. But that was a good comparison between him and Vaati.

Oh also just thought I'd remind you that I, on dogs, LIVE for Vaati breaking down. That grape needs a few good hard life lessons.
8/20/2018 c22 Mari
I keep seeing Vaati trying to conquer Hyrule and Link hitting him with a rolled-up newspaper going, "No! Bad!"

Zelda probably now sees him as another Ganon.

Thank goodness they're too stupid to use it.
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