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8/2/2018 c9 FCL
lovely chapter!:D
(sorry for writing only now...real life things o.o)
but it was a good chapter! i don't really have much to say about the previous one, it had too much Zelda for my taste xD i guess the only strange thing was that Link tells Vaati to fend for himself for an hour and then Link comes back after ten minutes xP and the girls are making more of the tablets, great! soon everyone will have one:D (i really think that LoZ takes place in some sort of post-apocalyptic future of Earth, with all the references to our cultures and things, too many to name;)) and it's not like Link will do something with a broken sword either, it'll only hinder his journey:P and i'm not sure i understood what mistake did Link made at the beginning, maybe i'm too stupid for that xP thought i did love this: "But hey, good news, he's screwed things up again just about ten minutes ago in the dye shop anyway so this can't do any worse." xD
and thanks for your reply!:D i guess it should've been better to reply through pm, but... i want to remain anonymous for the time being, i first want to start writing my own story before i 'reveal' myself:P (i know that's stupid x)) i like the reason behind Link's character and i agree with you that there's a dissomance between the Past and Present him:) lol, but do i guess why Vaati would say that about being a Minish or do i just wonder in my head?:D maybe he'd be drunk, sleepy, will drop his guard accidentally, just like Link does, od maybe he blurts that out accidentally too? there could be many ways xD glad to know that the Minish are still in Hyrule though!:) and i also don't remember if there are rupees in the pots, but there are definitely arrows and ambers, so that counts, i think?:P and that's a funny backstory behind the puppy's name, thanks!:3 hopefully he reacts to his name:P haha, np xP
so before stepping into this chapter i wanted to mention something general, that was already in previous ones and in the newest one- i love how Link expects Vaati to behave how every other BotW's Hyrule resident should, that Vaati comes from the BotW Hyrule, and gets utterly confused when Vaati doesn't do that, but Link still doesn't realise Vaati isn't from there! where will he realise? it's so funny!:D
and haha, Vaati is missing Link's stories!xD he won't say that, but he definitely is!:D though Vaati accuses Link if asking questions, but he was the one that started!:P and the good old story about Eventide xD when we first played it, my brother was doing it, and i think it took us like five times, it was terribly frustrating and not funny, we died two times to a lightning strike (having six or so hearts xP), but the worst part about it was that it was constantly a storm! and we didn't have the right not metallic weapons to strike that weird slab of something from the third pedestal, the weather has been so against us!:/ because whenever i see a playthrough of the island, no one has such problems...xD anyways... a good sentence that Link says, "I'm (kind of) nosy." that's pretty much the essence of Link:D
and that conversation about redeeming the villain and that not always a late hero is better than dead hero, it's a matter of perspective- my thoughts exactly!x) i have this same problem you know? in one (or maybe not one, but now i'm talking about one xP) of my stories, i'm making Ganondorf the bad guy (surprise!), but after actually developing his character, i just don't want to! i just want him to be friends with the protagonists, because he's such a cool character, and would make such a good friend! i can't exactly write another story with him being their friend, because only this one has this very good setup, and so he can't be the friend because it's in his destiny to be killed... so now i'm trying to come to terms that i can't change the events, because half of the story wouldn't happen:/ so why can't villains be redeemable? whoever thought it's better to kill the bad guy rather than make them live with their mistakes? and Link didn't say it quite the way i wanted him to say it, but when the villain gets another chance, they actually try harder than others to be accepted, they're less likely to fail again or become the villain again, since now they know better... it'll rather be a friend than a redeemed villain that'll turn against the main character:) just... that whole Link's long speech, it was amazing, and truly inspiring:) (at times like this i wish it wasn't Vaati/Link so others could read it and think about it;) but no matter;)) i agree, that would've been a great sacrifice, and Link would be a truer hero for helping the villain, rather than simply assasinating him, since that doesn't solve any problems... besides, Ganon had a lot of power, it could've really been used to repair the damage, now they have to do it all by themselves...;) but yes, Link, Vaati puts up with your madness because he really wants that cap xP
and just wondering: half hour tops? just how exactly will they search through the gigantic library for some material about the strange unknown temple, which Zelda mentioned might be in old language, so making it practically impossible for them to tell what the book will be about, (if about the temple or maybe a legendary recipe of a Superb Soup?) AND search the whole, enormous, swarming with monsters, castle for the cap, that might not even be there- all in half an hour? Can they slow down time? stop it? or maybe rewind? if not, and they'll really remember to look for the cap, then i doubt it'll take them this short amount of time:) just saying:)
anyways, if i haven't said that already or you couldn't tell it from this wall of text above, loved the chapter!:D it is a very needed dose of cuteness and fluff i need x) (i would say i need daily, but this amount seems to be enough:P) and i like SmashQueen's idea, and even though you might not use it, Kilton is a fun character:D (i'm also using him for something xD) so, well, this is awkward but i really should control my own reviews, shouldn't i? they get out of hand:/ but! hopefully our poor Calamity Bacon will redeem himself and give you the inspiration back he stole and sacrifice his power in turn for your perseverance in writing (i know it can be difficult), and that Vaati will be more impressed and Link more of a hero than a legendary bad joke. Better be a long-awaited writer than no writer at all:) Thanks for writing and can't wait to see battles, drama, and hunt for knowledge in the library, you're doing a great job!:D take care!:)
8/1/2018 c9 SmashQueen
At this rate either something in the library will give Vaati away or Kilton will. :P

Another good chapter.
8/1/2018 c9 Mari
I love these two so much. And I love how you're setting things up. Vaati is touched, you can tell.
8/1/2018 c1 Tiger spy
This awesome possum keep it up buddy
7/22/2018 c8 Mari
I'm looking forward to the conversation about being a Minish.
I can't wait to see them too!

Vaati is warming up to Link. I'm interested in seeing how Vaati reacts to his attraction to Link later.

It'll be awkward when Link finds out he was that monster.
7/12/2018 c7 SmashQueen
Link and Vaati's interactions are just comedic gold.
7/12/2018 c7 Mari
I ship them already.
7/10/2018 c7 FCL
ahh, you don't have to copy the reviews into the AN, people can read it when they open the review section, but to have it in AN... *flushes embarrassed* xD
i'm happy you liked that idea, and i loved this chapter!:D like, all of it!xD Link's wonderings about the Lizalfos, why would they need sapphires and if they would be let into Gerudo Town, well... if they behaved well, then probably yes:D but would a Lizalfos behave good? The Gerudo let the Gorons in, who are genderless, so why wouldn't they let in some vai monsters:D (would they let in vai Guardians too?:P) but i liked that, because i wonder about those things as well:D
and the rest... the irony! i can't take it xD Link's thoughts and his assumptions as to who Vaati is (Guardian fan, a good boy xD) and what he's doing, they're hilarious:D if i were to list down things i liked in here, i'd have to copy and paste their whole conversation:D but i just can't wait to see Link's reaction when Vaati tells him he's a Picori:D also, i'm pretty sure you can find rupees and stuff in pots, but also in the crates/boxes, so it must've been Picori that had put those in there! (i'd hate the thought that there are no more Picori in post-Calamytic Hyrule:()
ahh, i'm doing it again:/ (with reviews getting out of hand) it was a great chapter, and do not worry about the delays! take care of the puppy and have fun with him, because he'll be a puppy for only a year:/ also, that's an interesting name, how come you chose it?:D
well then, thanks again for the good laugh and see you next time!:) hopefully the Picori will be putting some pieces of inspiration in your shoes, good luck finding it! Take care!:)

Vaati, the Guardian expert, or enthusiast. Or maybe not. :D
7/2/2018 c6 FCL
i like this:D Vaati in BotW, interesting:)
and it's also fun if you'll make Link with this habit of eating when he's nervous, stressed or annoyed, like, you know, a lot of people:D that he'll snack on some food whenever Vaati again plays on his nerves, that'll be great:D good job though:D
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