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2/16 c50 Zero
If demirgue is so smart as he thinks he better start running.
2/13 c50 TerraBull
Demiurge should be wary, if his Boss finds out his Favorite Raid Boss, whom he and others from the Great Tomb once followed, was harmed by him as a underling? I am Sure he will want to have a word.

Yes, he is stuck in Dun Scaith currently but if he can return, can the Raid Boss as well?

Thanks for sharing
2/12 c50 Lazy Servant
Thanks fir the chapter.
Sorry for the poor review.
2/12 c50 ZeaZ01
2/11 c50 szlekane
Woooooooooooooooo lets go!
2/11 c50 1Randomguy0110100100110
Where's shirou
2/11 c50 9Sargon Dorsai
Thank you for the chapter. It's great to see Nero being allowed to show her true powers. Looking forward to the next chapter.
2/10 c50 Niuzu0130
Chills literal chills
2/10 c50 Guest
Tremenda obra maestra 20/10 y GOD con todo el afán de halagar
2/10 c33 ZeaZ01
Sending Ainz's party after jaldabaoth is such a master move xD
2/10 c32 ZeaZ01
HAHAHAHA they found lewd picture of their faith lmfao
2/10 c31 ZeaZ01
bruv wanted to raise our boy shirou to counter the golden as*h*le
2/10 c50 Sture050
Love this story. I saw it while browsing your stories. I discovered this one yesterday and I couldn't help bingeing (probably spelled that wrong) it. Plz continue with it.
2/10 c50 2aveshetta
let's go!
2/10 c29 ZeaZ01
Ainz simping on Nero is funny as hell xD... i mean who won't?
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