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1/16 c23 6Primus2021
I wonder if Cu is permanently dead, or if Shirou can revive him?
1/16 c13 Primus2021
I looked up the overlord world map, and ... well ...

1st Roble is kinda U shaped, but I think it's more of in upside down J.

2nd The west side of the country also faces the ocean.

3rd The closest mountain range is to the very top of the northeast corner of the kingdom that borders the demi-human lands.

4th With the exception of one image with dotted lines to separate the countries, I saw nothing that could be called a wall, and again that was on the eastern side of the kingdom.

So what I'm saying is that Camelot is likely in the North East not the West.
1/15 c2 Primus2021
I just did a count of all the individual heroes on the fgo site, and barring accidentally double counting, I counted 238 heroes.

I only counted Saber Artoria and Rider Madusa for example, along with Saber Alter (although I counted her as Morgan la Fay, lol), otherwise I didn't count all of the other alternative classes such as Lancer Madusa Lily or Avenger Gorgon etc.

Still if Shirou made all of the NPC's, that is a lot.
1/8 c25 Gentai
Then Gilter would be pissed 'cause nobody infringes on the King's leisure time. And I'm pretty sure the summon can't be specified.

Also I would like to make a correction for the author. Cocytus is the glass canon DPS of Nazarick while Albedo is the Tank and Sebas is the all rounder, no idea about Demiurge, Albedo and her armour have to be tanky to survive the after effects of using Guninganap the World Item in her possesion.

I do hope you update this story quickly, I f**king love it.
1/8 c24 Guest
Why didn’t Shirou just use greater summon like when he summoned Cu to fight the army a while ago on gilgamesh? His excuse for why he needs to start the iron forge to earn money was that “Gilgamesh was nowhere to be found”, but you specifically stated earlier that the only limitation was that the servant had to be willing. If Gilgamesh doesn’t come, Shirou could just summon Enkidu, who definitely wouldn’t refuse a cal from his master, which would make Gilgamesh far more willing to be summoned, if only so he doesn’t get separated from Enkidu. It just seems like a weak reason to make the iron forge from your other stories again tbh
1/7 c2 reader of the fly
1/6 c25 Gentai
This story is f**king amazing. Not just the plot (and you diverting from canon, way too many stories use canon as gospel) it's self but the way you write battles and make the Heros' legends a part of it all is just epic. Also great job setting up Shriou and Ainz's conflict it seems natural and not forced.

I do wonder though, how you are going to go about it from here. Is it going to be similar to canon where worker teams go and then Jircinv gets c**ked or is Nero going to be at the capital when Aura and Mare show up and so diverts everything. It does seem more likely to me that Ainz is either going to ally with Re:Estize and goes after the Empire or just flat out declares war or something similar. Though with Scath on the hunt and Shriou taking to the field soon along with Cu's (hopefully soon) revival it doesn't look good for Ainz. Also doesn't Ainz now have Gae Bolg. That is going to be a problem.

Also, also please add more Jircinv and Nero scenes, they're so cute together. And Nero better not die or else bad things are gonna happen.

Do update soon and with lotsa words, I love this story and it would be great to see more of it soon. Please don't abandon it like some of your other fics.

Many thanks.
1/1 c25 1ssj3gohan007
Great story! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
12/21/2020 c15 rainfallMyth
Ah wait Shirou isnt in the tags. My mistake
12/21/2020 c14 rainfallMyth
After 14 chapters there is not that much thats really happened so far. So many unnecessary paragraphs in between. It feels closer to telling us rather than showing. And you should really not have added Shirou to the character tags when he isn't even that frequent in the story
12/9/2020 c25 Zero
12/9/2020 c24 Zero
12/9/2020 c23 Zero
Im sorry but they arent dumb NPC.
12/9/2020 c22 Zero
NO !
12/9/2020 c21 Zero
Oh no..
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