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1/27 c40 9God-of-Machines
Truth be told, there is no way Ainz can stand up to Scathach.

The difference between powers and ability is huge, also, considering the alignment and the type of heroic spirit, pretending ignorance on his part is crazy.

Especially when it comes to undead beings.
1/22 c40 ShinySpiritomb
Wouldn’t it be hilarious and ironic if Ainz buys most of Shirou’s traced goods and ends up inadvertently funding Cu’s revival.
1/20 c40 Windgeboren
Feels like Shirou became a side charcter with nearly no impact to the story. Who supports the main character Momon and the second main character the summons of FATE. Kind of makes the immersion into the story harder for me. Still it is really well written and you can follow the events really easily and it is certainly interesting to see figures than can rival or surpass the main cast of Overlord in there World. I just wanted to say that I personally would rather read about Shirou than about Momon. Thanks for writing such fine entertainment.
1/17 c40 TypeVos
As usual, your writing ability is above and beyond so many others. I truly am envious of your talent.
But, in a more serious manner. I really enjoy how you combine different universes and expand on them, to make an even greater story. Thank you!

P.S. Have you read 'Lord of the Mysteries', it's an interesting world of mystery and horror. I think you would enjoy it!
1/17 c40 3TheAmazingRedX
I can’t believe I haven’t read this till now. I literally finished all of it in a day. This is some good shit
1/17 c40 Magsarion
This story is fu- amazing!
1/16 c40 26Cyricist001
Ainz should teleport back to base pronto. Seems Shirou got his brand out but lost his party, I wonder if Blue Rose will try to recruit him (to the leader's dismay). Also, I doubt Ainz gave up on Shirou's magic, maybe they will reform Darkness as long as the Witch isn't nearby, though that's a huge risk for Ainz.
1/8 c40 R3AD3R76
Since Merlin have clairvoyance skill I am pretty sure he will know Ainz's plan along with Scathach she let them go on purpose because she saw Ainz killed Cu and his NPC's plans to kill her and anyone who stands in their way and thinking that Ainz can kill the World Boss just like he did with Cu since he is a "Supreme Being" and the Nazarik NPC does not know how dagerous the World Boss they truely are. Once the time has come and Nazarik will attack and will think they will please Ainz for their succes to rule the world she will not hold back and kill them with her and Cu's Gae Bolg or use the Gate of Dun Scaith and trap then inside the Gate Forever, Ainz cannot use a Super Tier Magic Item Shooting Star to get them out or remove Gae Bolg curse because the World boss like Artoria's Excalibur is are World Level (Ainz have only 12 world items when it was in the game, but 1 was stolen while in the game and now they only have 11 after Nazarik transported to another world.
1/7 c40 ShinySpiritomb
Does this mean Shirou and Darkness are done? It’d be hard to remain a team if the the other two members are dead, in hiding, or imprisoned in the Celtic underworld. Maybe Shirou can tag along with Musashi, Kojiro and Brain instead. Shirou can make Musashi the best udon she’s ever tasted, and Artoria can have another glutinous, headstrong, female Saber servant to watch out for. Or he can even go with Scathach to help her find Cu’s killer. Either way he’d be better off not having Ainz’s grubby, skeletal fingers trying to milk his OP item producing teets for all they’ve got lmao.
1/7 c40 Guest
Pleeeeease let Nabe die in a stupid attempt at paying back Scathach for this insult. Like maybe she rushes Scathach after she’s done counting down and gets promptly Gae Bolged. Now Ainz gets two NPCs with a permanent curse.

The deal was information for a CHANCE to escape, nothing about showing mercy, or leniency, or going back to the option of a contract. All that Nabe and Ainz have is just this one chance. If they botch it, they’re done. Although Demiurge might swoop in and provide a means to escape, I sincerely hope they don’t come out of it unscathed.
1/7 c40 Falschen
Bro, what the fuck...? Scathach didn't even ask if Ainz is a part of that same group? His lies and deflections will immediately be revealed.
But it's really nice that this guy had gotten a sort of comeuppance. I've been a bit irritated with this part of the series where he just ROFLstomp everything because he had the best subordinates that follow him because, reasons. There wasn't much tension in the series because apparently, being isekai-ed with endgame organization, resources and avatar account can resolve everything, even death :v
1/7 c40 heraldandrepro
1/7 c40 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
1/7 c40 lebjamyap18
More chapter plssss
1/6 c40 Just some guy
Yo imagine if Cu was on a respawn timer like bosses are in other RPGs. I can imagine him getting a funeral and as the coffin closes and gets baried six feet under he just manifests in it even though he died like across the country and there was no body. Lancers luck indeed
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