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for Fate: Hero and Sword

10h c30 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
1/19 c30 1JustKargos
So good!
Can't wait to see how Shiro and Ainz will continue to interact.
Especially (if that would happen in the future) when Ainz become aware of who created those cool raid bossess.
1/19 c22 Vansmoke
Well damn, conflict fast approaching there. Would any other Fate characters have anti instant death skills? If not, then Ainz is truly overpowered if he can spamm Grasp Heart like that. If it's PvP setting I guess, because it's single target only.

And do all NPC either from Shirou or Ainz available for revival? Land of Shadow kind of make their denizens immortal, so do Thrones of Heroes special ability also got transported into this New World? The Heroes essentially are Spirit dwellers, can be revived indefinitely if the Core (humanity) isn't destroyed (from what I know, it's kind of like Moon Cell right?) So I guess Game mechanics like NPC revival is available because it's Players' creations, not from game (GM) that tied them to their Players' themselves. Kind of like Summon skills, just more pricy when used on Named NPC (special NPC), if you want to have some form of limitation.

Well, those above just my speculative view. Could be different from Author's personal take, especially for plot purpose to direct storyline. Gotta read further chapters to see how it goes.
1/19 c30 1mordicus18
Why cuchulain isn't revived now like shaltear in otl ? Are nobody in shirou's guild interested of the potential powerful eneny of theirs? Are we waiting the foundind of the sorecerer kingdom to fight ainz and even be fooled by ainz kn not really knowing momon true identity?
1/19 c30 Guest
Harem member get
1/18 c30 Look2022
Good Chapter.
1/18 c29 harmscody074
Shiro is a divine goddesses now huh
1/18 c1 Josh Foster1
Honestly the Hassan’s can literally erase nazirik and there’s all those
1/18 c30 AmethystPone
Ah, yes. Goddess Shirou! ALL HAIL!
Seduce that Skeleton Mage! ALL HAIL!
1/18 c30 2Mugen-Muse
Well, at least it sounds like Ainz won't need to kill Shalltear or use up however much would have been lost in the effort.
1/18 c30 0justareader0
I have to question what happened with the necromancer from E Rantel and Clementine
1/18 c30 Perr1
I dont think rule breaker in yggdra is a world item. The story said it rivals that of a world item in its uses. Also good chapter. Wish it didnt have the cliffhanger though.
1/17 c30 ThyDevoutBeliever
Shirou coming in with the absolute clutch. Mans making Ainz believe in Jesus rn.
1/17 c30 1thewookie1
Ainz is likely breaking his emotional limiters with his sheer awe of Shirou's armory lol.

Oh Merlin, never one to let anything prevent him from womanizing.
1/17 c30 szlekane
damn, I'm running out of good things to read. This is such a dilemma!
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