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for Fate: Hero and Sword

2/14 c31 Naruto420
Haha shirou is such a knuckleheaded hero. I like it XD
2/14 c31 Guest-Questioner
That ending though? \_(ツ)_/ I hope to see even more, in the next update!
2/14 c31 FateBurn
Good chapter
2/14 c31 Capt. Schroller
Come on your a big girl Narberal. Just shake Shirou's hand.
2/14 c31 Dasgun
2/14 c31 NovaWars
Gah, I really hope shirou breaks off and does his own thing or the queen of shadows hunts them down soon. I can’t stand ainz sometimes
2/14 c31 1TheTHICCWeeb
Nabe: Are you really human?
Shirou: Biologically? Mostly. Mentally? Define human.
2/14 c31 Obico Hertz
Great chapter. Now I'm curious of what Gilgamesh and Enkido were doing. Then there's Cu's sensei's quest for vengeance
2/14 c31 Uday Sra
2/14 c31 1thewookie1
Shirou using swords like a rain storm

Nabe's even-keel persona literally shattering

Shalltear saved

All in a days work for Shirou and Momon(Ainz)
2/14 c31 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
I love nabe character in this situation
2/14 c31 SirMaou
Frak my face hurts from the grinning!
2/13 c31 Velshard
Good chapter, I personally feel like you're doing an excellent job of portraying Ainz and his inner thoughts.
2/13 c31 Skittertale
Awww, don't worry Nabe... you'll be infected too, soon enough. No one can escape the Power of Friendship!
2/13 c31 1.6180339887498948482045868
Ah yes, Shiro the honorary human XD I enjoy Nabe's mental gymnastics
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