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9/1 c46 Capt. Schroller
All I can do is keep hitting my head on my desk when it comes to Demiurge and Albedo for over looking the warning label of DO NOT ENGAGE THESE PEOPLE AT ALL on the guide book. Poor Ainz.
9/1 c46 Lawoi
dude don't push yourself too much
your health is most important
8/31 c46 kusanagi29
Vaya vaya, parece que se va a poner emocionante...ya veremos como Shirou afrontara los nuevos retos por venir.
Buen capitulo señor autor
8/31 c46 BygoneLandsHope
Thanks for the chapter! Hope you feel better soon!
8/31 c46 rizkyandi085
Good chapter
8/31 c46 keybladelight
Well that noble had it coming how he act to Nabela now I wonder how you gonna make Shirou and Merlin talking to these greedy nobles re etize just hope that Artoria arrives to save is sheath to become a marriage political because of is magecraft.
8/31 c46 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Great chapter as always
8/31 c46 superpierce
suspenseful is the best way to describe this chapter.
8/31 c46 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
8/31 c46 Super98
8/31 c46 1dreaddragonknight
Cool chapter, really managed to highlight the qualities Pandora’s Actor shares with Ainz as creation and creator. Excited to see more but I hope you feel better soon all the more
8/31 c46 JayeWrite
Why is demiurge talking about tabula and not his creator Ulbert?
8/31 c46 Bucio
Curious to see Narberal, after dealing with a bunch of idiots, receive and thanks the support of the women of Blue Rose, to the amazement of Pandora's Actor ans Nabe herself, while Shirou has to deal with the chaos caused by Merlin's statements

As Ainz's Minions continue with their idiotic plans, towards the place where Nero is, I hope to see their surprise, when they see that she is not just a pretty face, but they have to grudgingly admit (Albedo) that there is a reason that Nero is held in high esteem by Ainz

Good luck and keep it up
8/31 c46 karata100
Next update grand dungeon please
8/31 c46 Dasgun
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