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7/28/2018 c2 3OverDemon
Hey, this is looking VERY promising. I love both Overlord and your stories, so I love this

As for where you go from here, well that's of course only something you can decide, BUT, I do hope that Momonga and the rest of Nazarik have been transported to the New World alongside Shirou. They're really the only ones that can prove a real challenge to Shirou and the rest of the Heroes (which btw, I LOVE that you included).

Something epic that comes to mind would be to have one of the Servants facing up against Shalltear, instead of Ainz. Gilgamesh always gives a good show, but I've been thinking that it might be interesting to see how Diamuid faces up against her. Specifically, if Gae Buidhe can counter Spuit Lance?
7/28/2018 c2 Did you read
All of those reviewers who lick Shirou's ass, did you even read overlord? Why did I feel like everyone here wanted to bash Ainz as much as possible? He is a good nature person but got his emotions suppressed you know?
7/28/2018 c2 Guest
Readers who don't know anything about are really into low quality shonen bull.

Forced enemies are just boring considering there's really anything in overlord that is worth a challenge. Except maybe PDL, DDDL and a few remaining dragon lords and it took them 10 to 1 to take down the greed kings; PDL noted that the current dragon lords aren't even worth their titles compared to the power possessed by the ones that died fighting the Eight Greed Kings. It's the politics and antics that makes overlord overlord in the first place.

The only rival to Shirou is basically Ainz and his guild and that's isn't even a problem considering the number of Raid Bosses present in the story.
7/28/2018 c2 1SentinalSlice
It's like Chaldea, except Shirou is everyone's master. I wonder if he is stronger than his creations, what if they rebel? Then he would need to defeat one or more of them. Also, are there other beings in the world that would be stronger than the NPCs Shirou made, or Shirou himself? Because if there Aren't stronger enemies then this story will be a little boring. Watching Shirou and Co. curb stomp anyone who challenges them. But if there are stronger enemies then it can lead to motivation and cause for character growth and training to obtain strength/power in order to advance the plot or something of a similar case.
Anyways, keep up the great work! And I also hope to see Fate in time updated soon.
7/28/2018 c2 xirons
very good chapter.
I love how powerful Gilgamesh is and it's good to see Enkidu with him.
7/28/2018 c2 10PervyPanda
7/28/2018 c2 Guest
Awesome story so far keep posting updates pls
7/28/2018 c2 1YeTianshi
Epic chapter, especially loved Gilgamesh's backstory in Yggdrasil.
7/28/2018 c2 Guest
7/28/2018 c2 3Anonymous4.O
Well I like the idea and I seriously doubt I won't love this story
7/28/2018 c2 Guest
Huh. Going on a couple of guesses, we got most of the round table, maybe? lancer and his NP would probably allow for scathach, Archer may show up as a wandering hero type, or maybe he didn't make him? I don't know. And while I'm sure there's plenty of heroes to make from UBW, making entire NPCs and dungeons takes a while and I doubt hes connected to those swords enough to make anyone not involved in the grail wars. Rider I'm interested in seeing, since normal rider wasn't all that strong in comparison to the rest. But her Gorgon form was strong, especially going full boss form Gorgon. And from her, perseus and Her sisters might show up. I'm truly afraid of berserker though. Plenty of heroes from his history with the argonaughts (oh gosh, a boat full of heroes just wandering around doing whatever sounds terrifying), not to mention his human archer being overpowered. Similarly with medea. Savior of France and THE REGEND Kojiro could be interesting, since that might? Mean Musashi as well. Not sure if Angra Mainyu could show up or not, or anyone from the 4th grail war through waver, but I could see iskander being an annoying, if fun, full on battlefield raid boss.
7/28/2018 c2 23Dantrlan
Interesting, I suppose that being their direct creator, having provided them with their own items along with the complex amount of feelings, the loyalty of the npcs should be at the maximum, they should adore it and love it like a god, after all it is the only one that I believe

I wait for the next chapter
7/28/2018 c2 Cant Catch This
Man having Raid Boss level allies is no fair, so he is technically the weakest one there?...so if Shiro is currently in Camelot, are all the npc's he created in The Land of Shadows gone, or does he have to go find them later?
7/28/2018 c2 Guest
Roble Holy kingdom is from overlord. Zethol, you should read the novel before the fanfic, right?
7/28/2018 c2 Guest
Won't the [Dimensional Lock] ability of the angel and devil render Gate of Babylon and any kind of teleportation or transportation useless?
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