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for Fate: Hero and Sword

5/15 c32 Dasgun
5/15 c32 Gentai
Ah Nero never change, never change.
5/15 c32 Guest
Jircniv didnt realize an important figure of that Camelot's ally is already within his government squad. And none of them realizes who is Nero lmao.
5/15 c32 E
Well Cu’s teacher is on the hunt and Nero is just being Nero, Arthuria is not going be happy if those people mistaken her for Nero.

I don’t doubt that for a sec if Merlin was selling a painting of Shirou half naked, Assassin Chan would be begging to Arthuria to give her the order to end his life and promise to make it slow and painful while Arthuria’s eye twitched wondering if keeping Merlin around is actually going be worth it as Mordred next to her tell her there is no need of that for she is going to her room to sharpen her sword in preparation of killing a perverted magician.

While some people may think there is no chance that Momo’s group would tolerate Shirou, I think in time they would do it especially if Papa bones flatout tell them that the supreme being has given them an order that never must be broken at all costs to treat Shirou as one of them would work.

To even think of going against that would be like committing the ultimate treason and heresy against their god, would take a while for some to warm up to him through.

Shalltear is a hard one to guess, Shirou getting her back to normal could have gather a lot of goodwill for not only snapping her out of that state but preventing her from hurting her lod which to her would be the ultimate heresy, could see her being in denial that Shirou is a human which could be used for partly for comedy and her somehow sensing that Shirou isn’t mentally human.
5/14 c32 Velshard
Definitely enjoying this story, the small touches here and there really enrich things.


I just about died of laughter at that moment. Cheers.
5/14 c32 Raging Drake
The way saber faces look like each other is definitely gonna cause problems
5/14 c32 PasiveNox
haahahhahahahaahhahahn that last part lol great great
5/14 c1 Christian Bernardino
Finally an update...I thought you have abandoned us ...I just hope this will be updated soon
5/14 c32 Guppy72
Can’t wait for them to meet Nero
5/14 c32 Guest
More Shishou is always welcome. Can’t wait to see Ainz’s reaction once he sees how FRIGHTENINGLY close she already is to Nazarick. I do hope she interacts with Shirou as well, as might be Ainz’s only hope in in staying the Rune Witch’s hand.
5/14 c32 1dreaddragonknight
Yay, this story is so amusing in how you have blended the overall tones of both series into one story and just let the chaos go from there
5/14 c32 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude I definitely Can't wait for the next update for this and the other stories
5/14 c32 3RedMoa
Great Another 5 Month wait.
5/14 c32 FateBurn
good chapter
5/14 c32 3NightHawk The Warrior
Just wait until they meet Nero for the first time. These guys are going to lose their minds.
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