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8/31 c46 Bucio
Curious to see Narberal, after dealing with a bunch of idiots, receive and thanks the support of the women of Blue Rose, to the amazement of Pandora's Actor ans Nabe herself, while Shirou has to deal with the chaos caused by Merlin's statements

As Ainz's Minions continue with their idiotic plans, towards the place where Nero is, I hope to see their surprise, when they see that she is not just a pretty face, but they have to grudgingly admit (Albedo) that there is a reason that Nero is held in high esteem by Ainz

Good luck and keep it up
8/31 c46 karata100
Next update grand dungeon please
8/31 c46 Dasgun
8/31 c46 Guest
8/31 c46 EmperorCeph
Short and sweet, but with each shorter chapter comes greater anticipation of what's to come. I wish this got more quality updates, I'm dying to see what's coming next.
All the servants in a war against Ainz Ooal Gown? The remaining guild members frantically trying to stop the floor guardians from escalating? Shirou possibly unleashing UBW and being a badass?
Aaahhhhhh the anticipation is killing me! I'm excited for the next update of this
8/31 c46 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
8/31 c46 MetallicWolf-FN2004
Nice chapter… although short it was sweet.

Nabe and Pandora infiltrating political enterprises in the capital is definitely a smart move, I love how Pandora is just absolutely flummoxed by how Nabe was able to stumble her way into a female inner circle after committing assualt.

Albedo and Demiurge creating a vast undead army to combat the bosses. I also love the dive into Demiurge’s reasoning in regards to the guide. While Ainz intended for it to be used to ensure that the floor guardians wouldnt pick unnecessary fights and get slaughtered, it can be argued that with having said info on said bosses it would lead to the misunderstanding that the supreme beings had fought and defeated the bosses before. Albedo and her passive aggressiveness towards Nero is hilarios and the part about changing their army to a factor of quality instead of quantity is definitely a smart move. Im guessing we’re going to see a lot more lv 70-100 monsters in this fic.

I can’t wait for the next chapter and hope you feel better. Also have you thought of changing you’re update schedule from 3-4 days to maybe 5 or better yet a whole week. It would give you more time to work on the chapters and help improve their length.
8/31 c46 LOSTxWo1f
Yeah, I bet Tabula would be frantically trying to persuade Demiurge out of his current course of action. And imagine how much Ainz would flip his lid if he found out that all the world boss Servants are actually in league with each other and under one banner. I bet it'd break his race trait or whatever it's called that dulls Momonga's emotions.
8/31 c46 Agent Salad
I understand you’re very busy so thank you for the chapter all the same. Hope you get better
8/31 c46 AdrianVnz
Pandora's Actor meets women, he is confused xD

I hope Nazarick suffers a lot of real loses coming up soon, is the onyl way they will learn, otherwise i can only see the ending as the NPCs getting anhilitated.
8/29 c22 Voltsy
8/17 c8 Ace980
I find him taking the time to talk with 2 individual armored bandits and scare them before kills them a bit out of character for Shirou

At that very moment, villagers are being killed. He could have just killed them and moved on to kill the rest. He knew they didn't feel remorse as soon as he spotted them and thus knew he couldn't talk them down, there was no point in talking with them.
8/4 c44 9Uraharaisgod
Oh Albedo is not gonna be happy when she hears the other Guild members made it...considering her entire plan was to quietly assassinate any that did turn up, having a whole party of them appear would be her worst nightmare.
8/4 c40 Uraharaisgod
So, Ainz with zero prep time vs Scathach...well, he's boned, literally no chance at all of making it out with no gear, buff prep, trapping or even accurate info since Scathach clearly differs from his established data.
7/30 c45 carlom2408
Things can only go from bad to worse right?
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