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5/14 c32 Shadobladez
Again great chapter, Parcasious, it's getting exciting with the build up for both Scathach's mission and Shirou's mission. Great work, cheers!
5/14 c32 3rick12
Ah, the classic trap of Saber faces. The religious Roble delegates believe that the grand painting is that of Artoria, when in actuality, it's Nero. Of course, Nero would definitely believe that a painting of herself posing would make a gift.

Scathach still on the hunt for Ainz and Nazarick (for vengeance since they killed Cu, even though he will eventually be revived thanks to Shirou's efforts of gaining gold), and she comes across two of Cu's disciples that she discreetly placed a Rune on. She heard the empty promises that bear-like man made to Cu's two disciples, and that discreet Rune she marked them with will protect them. Cu's teachings, and thus her teachings, will live on, and she hopes that her two grand disciples won't disappoint her.

Neia and her parents heading to Camelot. It seems there's a great evil arising somewhere, something that Jircniv was told about, and he hoped that Nero was here to give him advice on how to deal with this, but she's not there right now since she was sent out by him to deal with bandits. Well, it'll be dealt with later.

Great chapter as always, Parcasious. Hope to see more~.
5/14 c32 superpierce
glad to this story updated after so long. real curious to see what the other NPC's Shirou made are doing.
5/14 c32 1keybladelight
Well this was interesting those fanatic religions that now worship Arturia now see Nero paintings now make me wonder how they handle when they see Nero, Jeanne and Arturia together they think that there are siblings which will be funny to read.
5/14 c32 Cameron Booth
yay, glad to see your updates!
5/14 c32 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
5/14 c32 37kyugan
So are they going to make a cover-story and claim Artoria and Nero are distant relatives or what?
5/14 c32 Acqua OfThe Back
Gracias por el capítulo
5/14 c32 FreakyFreek
Gonna be honest, not much of anything happened in this chapter
5/14 c32 WhatDidIDoToGetHere
I love that fact that the diplomat priests are falling for the classical saber face trap.
5/14 c32 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter here.
5/14 c32 TheCoomCollecto
Where ainz
5/13 c31 Gilgamesh is best
Why do I get the feeling this is going to go horribly wrong. Something like Demiurge getting Nazarick to attack Camelot. Or Scathach soloing Nazarick while Ainz is off with Shirou.
5/12 c22 USSRParrot
Cu? Nooo!
5/11 c31 Halo
Now I can’t wait for Narberal struggle to resist Shirou’s EX rank food.

Making her opinion of him more positive

Would be OOC for her to subconsciously become a tsundere towards Shirou. But it would be very amusing for her mental conflict on how to treat Shirou.
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