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10/18 c13 Nai Darkor
Demiurge is that you?
10/16 c47 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I love it! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
10/15 c47 AurelionNoir
Hmm... I think it's high time we get to the point here. So you're going to revive all of the supreme ones to give Ainz a chance to fight against Shirou's servants (which is still impossible for them to win, but an entertainment nonetheless) but man, the multiple POV's is really making head dizzy. It would be nice if we were to a bit of normalcy, to Shirou's POV, the MC.

All this back and forth between many POV's in an attempt to worldbuild is... I guess it's just not that good? Of course, this is just my personal opinion, but damn is it getting harder to continue reading.
10/15 c47 rizkyandi085
I hope A Different Kind of War for next update
10/14 c47 Floating Ash
Just checked up on fnfn, thank you for the new chapter! XDXDXD XDXDXD
10/14 c47 Floating Ash
Just checked up on fnfn, thank you for the new chapter! XDXDXD XDXDXD
10/12 c47 kusanagi29
Uff muchas situaciones y algunos eventos por aqui y alla...esto se va a poner interesante.

Buen capitulo
10/12 c47 E
Heh how long til “Momon” and Nabe start cursing Demimurge? Or Nero shyly asked Shirou to pat her on the head for doing such a good job while Mordred and Arthuria are glaring at her.

It is hard to tell where this fanfic is heading, while Ainz isn’t all the way being full evil yet, he is on the path but is not yet solid on it and most of his group especially Albedo want revenge on Scathach but doesn’t stand a chance against her given that the only reason they beaten Cu was cause of Ainz and a lot of dumb luck and Cu’s own bad luck and Demimurge seem want to lit fires everywhere while patting himself on the back at how he is so clever.

Worse yet they still are delusional to think they can beat Raid Bosses easy which their confidence probably come from their admiration of Ainz and them beating Cu and Ainz wasn’t firm enough to make sure they understand to not engage them.

Nabe seem to have a stable head on her shoulders that is slowly and I stress slowly start to being friendly toward Shirou which could mean some in Ainz’s group could be redeemable but it would take a lot of effort even for a single one and quite a few of them are not, hard to tell if Shalltear is included in that group given that her ego took a huge beating and she got saved by a human even if she would rather reason that it was all Ainz that did it but deep down she know it wasn’t.

Merlin is hard to pin down as I do think he saw past Ainz’s disguise but doesn’t tell Shirou for some reason nor try to talk to Ainz which make me wonder if he can see the future or something like that as my guess is that whatever plan he is cooking up require Ainz alive for some reason but I wouldn’t know why as the Servants in Shirou’s employ should be more than strong enough to take care of anything in this world so unless there is a tainted grail or two in this world, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Make me wonder how long until a member of the Tomb enrage Gilgamesh as the only thing at this point I could think of is if Enkidu got attacked by them as I could see him saying “Hoh how dare you mongrels attack Enkidu even if it only got dirt on him, you could count yourself very fortunate that you filthy mongrels only get to die once as even a billion deaths of the worst torture imaginable wouldn’t even come halfway close to make up for this grave insult toward Enkidu”
10/12 c47 Guest
Things are really heating up. Can’t wait to see more.
10/12 c44 14Orika
lol Mongrel King stick up his ass could only be Gilgamesh XD
10/11 c47 superpierce
good chapter.
10/11 c47 1dreaddragonknight
Nero continues to delight all with her Nero-ness, and Arche continues to be in horrible situations because of her own situation, most excellent. Curious to see what Shirou is gonna do
10/11 c47 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
10/11 c47 Guest
2018 and this is like like the first part of overlord D
10/11 c47 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Great chapter
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