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10/11 c47 keybladelight
I wonder if you gonna make Renner have her eyes on shirou since he well the Emiya family smile can make woman fainted so will renner be yandere to shirou?

Been a while you didn't mention Artoria when will she appear to see Shirou again.
10/11 c47 X6-88
Well update time for a review.

Hmmmmm Jircniv seems to be under stress yet at the same time is doing far better than his canon-self considering how things went for him. Guy practically didn’t have a “friend/equal”. Guy practically lived the saying “"Kings do not have friends — only subjects and enemies." Until he was conquered in all but bloodshed in canon and met Quagoa Riyuro a fellow victim of Ainz. Anyway to everyone else seeing the Emperor laughing and smiling when all he is ever known to be a “bloody emperor” shows there is more to the man and he too is human. Even Arche, whose family almost lost everything is shocked to see how different the emperor is to what she knows.

Okay got to say not sure on Jirc behavior? I like to think he sees nero as a friend because he already has several lovers and his most closest lover that he likes is a woman is someone who is unremarkable in appearance but has a keen mind for politics. So yeah… topic but looks like Flunder is working with Ainz or at least their faction and has not meet Nero pretty sure he is going to freak out on seeing her mana level. And be pleasant surprise to see Arche who was a student of his but had to leave due to her parents stupidity with spending money.

To Hekkan Arche may seem like an ass kisser but when you look at how Nero pretty showed up and turned her life around it doesn’t seem strange. Arche life was pretty bad, constantly in need of money due to ever growing debt and interest, parents constantly spending money on all sorts of pointless things. Having to go on dangerous jobs at a young age, her twin sisters may as well be hostages. But now? She has more money than ever before, able to let her sisters live decent lives and her parents were kicked out of the door. Nero is practically her savior.

But looks like things are going to get bad. Pretty much found the tomb and Zayd had to bail her out but she still got caught by demiurge. Zayd had better get out without being caught if fake jaldabaoth was allowed to escape Scathach Zayd better be allowed to escape Nazerick. Otherwise I’m calling plot armor for villains.

*Sigh* okay the meeting with Ramposa and team darkness while….” logical” is also…. annoying? forced? On the one hand I can see why Ramposa would ask for Team Darkness or particular Shirou aid in a war. Which in canon is discussed why adventurers do not aid armies and how adventurers try to stay away from politics. There is also the fact that said war has been ongoing for so long that ending something like this is neither simple nor easy. Heck the war is Empire way of expansion and timed perfectly during the harvest seasons. The kingdom is already facing a guaranteed famine right now. Furthermore, the Kingdom is pretty much a cesspool that other factions all agree it’s better to start from zero or let the Empire take over. The ruling class became complacent and the sharp divisions between the upper class and lower class created unrest, resentment, and a thriving criminal underground. The Slane Theocracy tried to assassinate Gazef and if successful the Noble Faction would have undoubtedly led a civil war against the Royal Faction. The most likely scenario is that the country breaks up into warlord states with every faction attempting to establish a majority power. Bottom line is there is too much corruption/idiocy in the Kingdom that saving does seem pointless.

Not a lot for me to review or think about. Anyway, hope Grand Dungeon gets a new chapter soon. Otherwise take care! Until next time.
10/11 c47 Bucio
Something brief, where we see Nero meet with the Emperor who is obviously happy to see her again, and who tells her about a certain problem, the disappearance of groups of Workers (hopefully Gemas's wife is okay if she went to investigate those disappearances too or can be helped if she is in trouble), with Nero sending her group (Arche and her companions) to investigate, while she dances for him at his request

From Arche, well, she and her group find out what happened to the other Workers, she specifically, being saved by another of the Hassans, although in her escape to warn her companions, she meets "Jaldaboath", who offers her a deal. in exchange for letting her live

I suppose this would have to do with what follows, the usual conflict between Re-Estize and Baharuth, for which Ramposa asks for Shirou's help, who instead of conflict, suggests seeking peace, to which the king accepts, asking Shirou to be the mediator

I suppose that in said talks, Arche will survive by bringing them a message (hopefully it's that simple) or leading them into a trap (if it's the latter, poor girl, having to be forced to betray the person who got her out of her problem, maybe with Shirou or Merlin helping, that and Arche being taken care of by the Hassans)

That and the situation of the talks could get complicated, given Emperor Jircniv's growing affection for Nero, and how he could react, seeing Nero's behavior with Shirou, who is the representative of his rival kingdom, although they could also have to do their differences aside to deal with the next trick of Ainz's Minions (and with Nabe and Momon finding themselves in a predicament because of what Demiurge did)

Good luck and keep it up
10/11 c47 Dhestrya
10/10 c47 Miner045
Is it just me or is the chapter all jumbled up?
10/10 c47 3Redguardmen
Well, this is awkward
10/5 c46 1UnderscoreUnderscoreUnderscore
10/4 c8 VamPyr00
I'll have to stop here but I have to say, this is a MUCH better story than I was expecting. Writing Quality, Story Development, World Background, and Character Development are all phenomenal. Pacing is just a touch slow for me but it wasn't so slow that I lost interest in the story. Overall, I give it 5 stars.

The main reason I can't continue is the 'Selfless Hero' persona of Shirou (MC) and Arturia. It just seems too naive to me (considering his mercenary/mage background and her being a former king). I just can't personally relate to such feelings and views, so I find both personalities distasteful.

The characters' perspectives and backgrounds are amazing, I just personally think they are childish. Though, I had the same problem when reading/watching the original Fate series as well.
10/4 c7 VamPyr00
Don't get me wrong, the buildup is cool but this fight scene is taking too long imo. They should be able to bring all these people to their knees with mere passive auras due to the difference in levels. This fight should have been over in an instant.

Plus, there are no 'levels' for the inhabitants of the New World and most of them wouldn't even be able to accurately state the name of their classes, since there is no class or level system. I guess I'll just assume this is AU, for the New World at least.

More importantly, I really hope Shirou is going to berate Arturia for what she's done. They have been in the New World for at MOST a few hours and she's already forced them to take part in a military skirmish against the local nobility.

Their first priority should have been scouting and gathering information on this New World they found themselves in, not being 'heroes of justice' and running in to save some random guy. Not even mentioning starting a fairly large scale skirmish for some random guy without even alerting her master (Shirou) about it beforehand. She's completely failed in her duty as a knight.

Honestly, it's kind of ridiculous when you consider that she doesn't even really know WHY they are attacking him. He might have given her an 'explanation' but for all she knows he just lied to her. I guess she MIGHT have a skill or something for that but I still think she needs to be berated and put in 'timeout' at base for being so naive.
10/4 c6 VamPyr00
You stated in last chapter that his [Hero] class wasn't maxed out, so Shirou shouldn't be max leveled. Unless you took another Job Class to make up for the difference, which would be strange, he should be at BEST level 99.
10/4 c5 VamPyr00
Don't get me wrong, the story is great so far. Characterizations and world building are amazing and there are almost no grammatical errors. I am simply having a hard time relating to the characters themselves. I just can't relate to extremely naive and selfless characters like this very well.

Also, Humanoid races in Yggdrasil aren't supposed to have access to Racial Classes (though there is conjecture about Aureole Omega having an [Immortal Human] Racial Class, but I don't think it's confirmed).

[Hero] would simply be classified as an extremely rare Job Class that is available to anyone that meets the requirements, not a Racial Class. The fact that he hasn't maxed its level is pretty disappointing though. What level is he? I find it hard to believe that he's been playing Yggdrasil for that long and hasn't hit max level.
10/3 c41 Isaasol2
Hah! Take that you undead fuck!
10/3 c30 Isaasol2
I'm not looking forward to the eventual heartbreak and betrayal. I may have been rooting for Fate, but that was before Ainz and Shirou befriended eachother. And I highly doubt any of this is going to end up peaceful between them.
10/3 c23 Isaasol2
The problem with Ainz is that he thinks he's in the right here, when he is nothing but a Monster.
10/3 c22 Isaasol2
No. Thay better make Ainz pay.
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