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for Darkest Before the Dawn

2/28 c1 idontwantmyrealnametobeknow
This is great!
You never disappoint me:)
2/28 c16 3Rowboat Girlyman 1
Ahhhhhh I took me far too long to read this and I'm annoyed at myself for leaving it so long.

A great if bittersweet ending to an excellent story! (And geez Armin and Hisu are really going for it with the kids aren't they lol)
Look forward to seeing whatever you do next be it ASC, What if or something else.
2/27 c16 1Fanfictioner8

You forgot about the spiritual part of the story; you didn’t make Eren activate the Coordinateo or liberate Ymir! Think about Ymir (2,000 year old). Though the Founding Titan is no longer in the hands of the royal family, you didn’t free her from King Karl’s imprisoned bonds (Manga: chapter “From You 2,000 Years Ago)
You’re gonna keep her enslaved? You should have made Eren free her when Historia touches him as a pure titan( If the Founding Titan can turn Eldians into Titans, erase all Eldian memories, and turn hundreds to thousands of Eldians into Colossal Titans that make Three massive Walls, then I’m sure it can also turn pure Titans back into Eldians; your other story says so otherwise “A Second Chance”). Once activated, he can use The Fiunding Titan to turn Histora back into herself unaffected by the Curse.

Eren (canon) frees Ymir telling her “You’re not a slave! You’re a person!” In this (your) story, grateful, she takes the 9 powers (along with the curse) with her spirit as she finds peace. Also seriously Marley gets to keep the some of the Titans even though they don’t belong to them? The power of the Titans disappearing is the way Shingeki No Kyojin (canon) should end in my opinion. Zeke is right in that, but ONLY that, sense. I mean he’s just another Thanos-goal-oriented character.
2/25 c4 Esau
Shouldn’t Erwin also have inherited Zeke’s memories of his TRUE intentions? He’d be like “This Zeke guy would have killed off his own race? I’m glad I ate him.”.
2/24 c14 ccvxvvxx
reiner and eren fight
magath: u won
eren and reiner are friends now
2/12 c16 Esau
There’s a theory that says that the curse isn’t real or that Ymir will somehow lift it. If either of these two are the case, you’ve got some rewriting to do Mr/Mrs. make an ending where Eren can finally be with Mikasa. They are a ship that deserves to be together; the laws of anime seem to be preventing this.
2/10 c1 Guest
I guess it's on Jean's ball to free Ymir now.
2/7 c16 3bloody.pinprick
This made me cry, but in a good way.
2/5 c16 sugoijack9
I find this ending good overall unlike the canon that went crazy.

You should have also explored Ymir Fritz since my conclusion over canon is that Eren would find a way to actually removed the Titan from the face of world once the Rumbling is stopped. Though the damage would be horrific and the cycle of hate would permeated over it since the dumb idiot just destroyed the world.
2/5 c15 sugoijack9
2/5 c13 sugoijack9
I just find pity over this poor Eldian sobs, completely brainwashed by such A-class a-holes.

Yeah I do find certainly that Eren is in a much better shape in here than his canon which I solely acknowledge that his plague by psychological stresses and future vision.
2/5 c12 sugoijack9
Yes, memories are canon even the private ones xD
2/5 c11 sugoijack9
That's what like about AOT beside the gritting dark plot that peaks me.
Unlike our history full of assholes that always snuffed women from their position in standing alongside men in death and struggle.
2/5 c10 sugoijack9
On a personal note, Eren's from canon taken drastic measure because 1 - he's clearly mentally stressed, 2 - Armin and Mikasa neither make an effort to talk over him since the following years as the boy becoming distanced to them, 3 - knowledge of the future may have begotten over his head and 4 - another psychological disorder on the pretense over his vengeance and traits of his Titan that always seek Freedom.
2/5 c8 sugoijack9
Is Connie's death even necessary? Maybe a bit of no and yes.

Where's Armin? Banging Historia over and over like he's the luckiest bastard on the planet.

About Eren? Still suspicious since this guy is too emotional.
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