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12/3/2021 c2 wolfwind42
Oh my god. Every second of that chapter was comedy gold
11/12/2020 c5 Guest
You made Lance sing Don't Stop Believing. I am going to go murder something now
11/12/2020 c2 Guest
Okay; you, lovely author, are the biggest nerd I know. That being said, I am the second
7/26/2020 c2 HeyVen
This is the funnest think I've read in a while!
11/21/2019 c10 19Cuthalion97
'but at last all the victims were gathered. . .' HAHAHA! :D And the Cheshire Cat grin. . .

I never watched Season 8 (or Season 7, for that matter) but wow. I'm amazed at the length of your current project, and am looking forward to it.

In the meantime, this was an excellent story! I'm not usually fond of people fleshing out 'bit' characters, because there is so little to go on, but I like this one a lot! Sam and Colleen are very believable, the way you've written them here. Also, the other thing that makes an odd amount of sense, given that we never saw it in the series, is the paladins and their skills (or lack thereof) at dancing. It makes sense that Hunk would be a pretty good dancer, that Lance would be best, and that Keith and Shiro have no sense of timing. Good job! :)
10/22/2019 c9 Anakingoldstar
I must say that stunt with the period crack was most unexpected that I wound up unable to continue reading for a good ten minutes it was so funny. makes me glad I wasn't drinking to that is a serious choking laughter fest right there lmao great stunt my friend, great stunt.
2/16/2019 c10 A wild idiot has appeared
My stars this was great loved all the Disney references like that just brought so many childhood memories like I can't even
1/4/2019 c7 6Wings of Avalon
I’m enjoying your snapshots of the Voltron life! Thank you so much for your story! I did have to stop and leave a review regarding your Doctor Who quote in reference to the deadly move Hunk usedI loved it!
12/28/2018 c8 Guest
Foeseeker, you're crazy
12/22/2018 c9 14Rain of the Forest
I LOVE this chapter for the Avatar quote and your author's note for making mention of the Avatar fic Embers! I love that fic and have reread it five times!
12/16/2018 c10 8Kippysaurus
Fix-it fic sounds good to me
12/15/2018 c10 137Griffin Stone
Aw, Holt family fluff! I haven't finished season eight just yet, but multiple people have told me that I'll be bawling at the end. XD I might have to come back to these.
And here I assumed that Sam and Colleen met in rocket scientist class! XD Seriously, this is just so sweet. Since I can't dance (Just stick Shiro and me in a corner), that's all I got.
I love how Matt said he'd be in the training room in ten, but due to the Castle's size, it took longer to find them. Hey, Matt? Comm systems for a reason! And calling the paladins "victims?" XD
Wait, what? A fix-it for season eight? Starting in season one? 150k words in already? That's either insane or amazing, and I can't wait to see where it goes.
10/10/2018 c9 19Cuthalion97
Okay - let's see. :) This is definitely your best-written chapter to date, when it comes to describing the interaction between the characters in a cartoon-like fashion. I laughed so hard at the part where Lance asks if everyone's going to team up against Shiro. Really, the whole part with them placing the louloodi on Lance - and all the jokes about Shiro . . . ESPECIALLY when he got teased about Allura. You definitely seem to have gotten Pidge's voice down to super-perfection. (Yes, that's a thing, I've just decided.)

Also, yay, Lance now has a guitar. ;) Also, great song choice - I've always liked that one a lot.

Well, sorry I didn't read/review this earlier, but better late than never and all that. ;)
9/18/2018 c9 19Ishval
I laughed so hard with this one. I loved Pidge and all her antics. Loved it!
9/18/2018 c9 137Griffin Stone
I'm a complete sucker for Shiro having to get involved and wrestle Pidge into a pin when she's made. Also, Pidge just scaling people out of nowhere. And from her insult... ya know, I was still grinning, mostly due to Keith's cluelessness. I know this chapter's supposed to be about Lance, but... XD So, thank you for that.
Aw, all the louloodia are so cute! I can see each paladin and Lance in them! My favorite was Hunk's, but Lance's (if he dared choose one) I would guess to be Shiro's? Because it was a shell.
Those guys are so obvious, its adorable.
So. Many. Six. Year. Old. Jokes. Those don't get told enough!
Oh-kay, almost missed that reference. It was familiar, but now it's about ten times better.
This is just so, so great! Lance can never get enough love, and this helps make up for the stuff we lack on the screen. Lance deserves all this, and more. :D
Lance singing the Two Worlds, One Family for the team almost made me cry.
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