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for Violence Is My First Language

10/5/2023 c7 1Wicked.A
Also a nice story
2/18/2021 c7 SandZdragon
Sucks it ended but I guess it had to end somewhere but did you have to leave it on cliffhangers for both?
2/10/2021 c7 Guest
my brain shrunk my soul dieing my eyes shrivelled up my...uuuhhhhhhhhhh...bye ps good to bad you abandoned it
9/3/2020 c7 JustAnotherGuest
Well... I hoped it would just be on Hiatus... You're as insane as your characters... Until your genius pops up again... And I gotta say... Your stories are underrated as hell... Damn it man stop killing off your potential stories... TT... It was going good too... Haiz
6/15/2019 c6 Guest
good sequel keep on updating
2/21/2019 c6 Little Liar
It could be better.
1/29/2019 c1 That1GuyUpstairs
Posting this without logging in because I can’t remeber if I’ve reviewed this chapter before (or what chapter what I’m about to ask about was in). There was an offhand comment by Hush that Garfield, at own point, went through a “clockwork phase”. From everything we’ve seen, Garfield is specifically a Bio-Tinker, the only times we’ve seen him doing anything specifically machine based, were 1, the thing he was using to try and ressurect his mother (I wrote that off as him knowing how to jury-rig a battery, and in his grief, ignoring his any information from his shard that would tell him that you can ressurect someone by just repairing the body and jump starting them), two, the flesh printers (and that’s assuming the machines themselves are not biomechanical in nature), and finally when he made a prothetic leg for a dog, but that was with the help of Morrow, so I always figured that Morrow just covered the machine bits. Why would Garfield ever starr going into clockwork, even if they looked like animals, that seems pretty detached from his area of expertise. The only explanation I could think would be either, 1 they’re actually creatures who’s biology simply mimics clockwork, or 2, that the shards are not as limited in what powers or information they can give as they were previously, the latter has very interesting implications for what we could see in the future.
11/17/2018 c6 13Fencer22
What’s the word on this? Seems like you’ve lost your momentum? Shame if you have. It’s a good story.
7/25/2018 c1 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
Wait a second...

What ever happened to the poodle moth? Did legion just never get it? Or has it just been there in the background being cute but never doing anything worth mentioning? Does one of the team just keep in a Bird cage somewhere like a pet? Or did it join the rest of swarm at mount challenger, if so what do they do, does First just have one working as the head of the PR/HR department or something, does it have it’s own little desk?
7/20/2018 c5 Navn Ukjent
Interesting start to this spin-off.
7/16/2018 c5 Conbur
I love this! Rise of SNOWFLAME!
7/14/2018 c5 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
So is this going to focus on Hush specifically, or are we going to get certain amount of chapters focusing on her, then shifting perspective to say, William, Garfield, Maroh, or Artemis, or just any one the character Legion was closely related to? Or is this going to focus on Hush and what information we get from the rest of the cast is just going to mentioned off handedly, the way Garfield “clockwork” phase was brought up. I’d be fine with either really.

Small question, does the future Rudolf came from still exist, or not, I can never keep straight how time travel is supposed to work in the DCU, and even then this is fanfiction so whatever knowledge I could find would be unreliable.

I like the story so far (along with it companion story), though it makes me wonder. Were Legion (Now Legate) and Greta “drifting” (for want of a better term) through the red for the past couple years, in which case this and the events of Legatus take place around the same time, or did the Psions find them shortly after Legions “Death” and Legatus begins, before this?
7/11/2018 c5 superpierce
who are the MIRD also from that talk about Vampires and the "Fair Folk"? I'm guessing supernatural creatures are running amok out in the open.
7/8/2018 c4 superpierce
In this story will we learn of all the changes Legion brought about and after his "death". also are their more villains than heroes at this point. and how many anti-heroes would you say are their because I imagine a lot of people were inspired by legion's actions.
7/8/2018 c4 5a guy1013
ok but I'll be truthful I don't know anything about worm so I hope I'll get to know more via this fanfic
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