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1/7/2019 c2 33LAGC
It’s really interesting how you blend the two worlds of these two series. I like how you use the similarities between Face and Starbuck to make your concept believable.
11/4/2018 c2 84peppe1951
This must be the Viet Nam story I was asking about earlier. You haveFace trying to keep Starbuck out of ‘Nam and the horrors Face and his buddies are experiencing and you are doing an excellent job. I hope there will be an update soon...and more stories in the series.
11/4/2018 c2 7vaughn28
This was sweet and very descriptive. I could almost feel the cages and the jungle. Keep going! I love how you weave Face's life with Starbucks.
11/4/2018 c1 vaughn28
I loved how you wove Starbuck's back story in to creating Face. I also enjoy the comradery you have tapped into for Apollo and Starbuck. Great scene!
8/23/2018 c1 D.Rose
I love this series, I love each story you add to it, please continue, thank you.

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