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7/30/2021 c31 Guest
I’m so glad you updated! I love this story. And you write these two so freaking well. You did a great job with the dream and the aftermath— and of course Lucy noticed

It’s funny to me how natsu doesn’t register their level of intimacy is already that kind of love. Normal friends don’t kiss each other. He’s just finding new layers to what that can mean for them. I love it. Perfectly in character.

Excited to see it continue in Lucy’s POV.
7/28/2021 c31 Copperreign12
Omg! This was awesome! Natsu’s dream is natsu snd Lucy having sex basically mating because she and him are mates because of what Natsu did many years ago! I don’t get that he doesn’t want to see Lucy that way especially if they both kiss and act that they are boyfriend and girlfriend around everybody and in private! I think Lucy needs to knock some sense into him and make him realize they are already together! Thanks for updating!
7/28/2021 c31 3Skibblez
I love it! I can't wait to see Lucy's POV. Foes she understand her own feelings about it all or will she be confused too?
7/28/2021 c31 Lupe
You didn't have to make me fall in love with your writing did you?
7/28/2021 c31 valerioux
Ohhh interesting and I’m glad to have Lucy’s POV next cuz I’m curious to what she’s thinking.
7/28/2021 c31 mnaiad
Duuuude this is too good!
7/28/2021 c31 rao hyuga 18
That was great!
7/28/2021 c31 PrincessAndromeda56
omg it's so insane to see them grown from little things to big things *crying* I'm so excited for the next chapter
7/28/2021 c31 1PinkPolkaDot
O o the plot thickens! Shame poor Natsu is so confused but love where this is going!
7/28/2021 c31 5JadaLiburd
Natsu come back and face her, like a MAN! I'm quoting Elfman here-
7/27/2021 c31 Lucy H Lover
It was funny seeing Natsu struggle with his inner thoughts. loved the sexy moments, both in his dream and the end of the chapter.
7/27/2021 c31 FairyTailxFanGirl
Oh Natsu... thats perfectly normal, sweetie... hahaha.
7/27/2021 c31 Zhoe
7/27/2021 c31 sakshishetty3003
Great chapter again. Can't wait to see what's next
7/27/2021 c31 6Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Oh man, puberty is hitting Natsu hard! And Lucy has no idea what Natsu is struggling internally. Please update soonD
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