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6/7 c39 11jekde04
Crying happy tears for Gruvia's ending. I love how you perfectly captured Gray's feelings towards Juvia. The tsundere-ness is just the right amount because he's really like that in-canon and he really feels unworthy of her in-canon. Thanks so much for this beautiful fic!
6/5 c39 FaolenBookWolf
6/4 c39 MatchaTeaPot
waahhh, this got my heartstrings pulled, its so good! I really like how you captured their personalities in a way that seems canon. I feel like most of the GruVia I see is Gray not noticing her but this one really hits home and captures it perfectly. I wonder if you're also interested in writing JerZa as well since I noticed that you're expanding the ships you include in your stories, which is just ugh amazing! Thank you for the wonderful update! Have a nice day!
6/2 c39 sakshishetty3003
Great chapter again. Can't wait to see what's next
6/2 c39 tasha.hime20
I see its a gruvia chapter... No offense but i skipped most of it idk im not a fan of those two hehe... Looking forward for a Nalu chapter.
6/2 c39 Jaky812
6/2 c39 valerioux
Aww Gray finally admitted his feelings and wow at Natsu giving him good advice that got him to accept his feelings. I am a bit curious about his wolf tho. I’m guessing they talked and that’s how he knew about his wolf and Juvia but then does that mean he’s wolf is gone too in the sense of how he was before not like gone gone? Idk if that made sense lol but yea I’m just curious about that
6/2 c39 Guest
I’ve been following your story and I love it. My fav is still NaLu but I love what you have done with the other characters. Thank you and keep up the wonderful stories. 3
6/2 c39 rao hyuga 18
That was fantastic! I’m excited to see what you have planned for Levy and Gajeel!
6/2 c39 Guest
Finally some resolution for Gruvia!

Lol I forgot all about Gajeel and Levy tbh because at this point I feel like levy would have figured everything out on her own and just accepted the situation lol.
6/2 c39 Natsulover89
Of all the people to whip Gray in shape it was Natsu. Gray outta be embarrassed of that. I was ready to reach through my phone and choke Gray for hurting my second best girl. I’m glad they got it together tho. I loved the chapter. SN: CAN YOU UPDATE THE STORY, “GIRL ON THE MOON.” Please and thank you.
3/28 c38 FbFlame94
What a great chapter! Loved seeing their relationship from Gray’s perspective, even though it’s so sad that he thinks he’s unworthy of Juvia’s love. The way that he takes such devoted care of her during her period was so sweet! You write all of the couples so well but I absolutely adore how you write Gruvia, especially in this story. I’m very nervous about what’s happened to Silver and Mika, can not wait for part two to find out what’s going on!
3/27 c38 rao hyuga 18
Great chapter! Can’t wait to see what you have for the other half!
3/27 c38 sakshishetty3003
Great chapter again. Can't wait to see what's next
3/27 c38 valerioux
Gruvia is not one of my fave couples but I like what you’re doing with them. If Gray only knew what his wolf has been doing already lol. Also I wonder what Lucy says about her relationship with Natsu cuz they’re obviously more than friends even if they have no labels yet. And it’s funny how the guys call Natsu on it saying he’s being childish but that’s what makes me curious to what Lucy says but will eventually find out.
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