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for Greedy Dragon

3/27 c38 Guest
Loved the Chapter it was a sweet birthday chapter
3/27 c38 OwcassHS
okaaaaay uh im kinda scared lol. i’ll just spit out my initial thoughts-

how old is juvia turning? bc if she’s 17 then the arranged marriage thing mika and silver did is gonna come up. i think. maybe that’s why they’re gone? oh no wait i just realized one or both of them could be dead-

so does gray think that the…moments between juvia and wolf are dreams? like maybe thats what it implies, or it could just be gray and wolf simultaneously liking that spot.

do the others know that gray is unaware of what wolf does when he comes out? like i’m genuinely wondering. or maybe some of them do and others don’t?

it feels bittersweet (is that the right word?) reading how much gray loves juvia but also doing nothing about it. lile they both want a relationship, but they can’t (for different reasons). at some point they need to talk about it, which i assume is soon bc we don’t have many chapters left. but i’m still getting prepared for the angsty miscommunication/misunderstanding that’ll probably ensue before that. i feel like there needs to be a compromise between gray and wolf too.

other than that i’m also interested in the development the other ships will be getting. i’m not sure about how much there will be though, again, considering how little is left. for jerza, there’s obviously the whole love triangle from the puberty chapter. for gale, i’m assuming it’ll be about gajeel’s overprotectiveness and clinginess, unless i missed something.

anyway umm yeah keep up the good work, im looking forward to the next chapters!
3/27 c37 Guest
Great chapter! I love how they are slowing realizing how serious they are about one another!
3/10 c37 Guest
Amazing chapter
3/3 c37 valerioux
Awww I loved this chapter! The fluff was definitely needed And I’m excited for the chapter you have planned for when they decide to become official
3/3 c37 Copperreign12
Omg! This chapter was so dedicated to Natsu and Lucy all the way I love it! I loved all the kissing and embracing and the intimacy of Lucy eating his fire! I don’t know how you did it but her and him with kissing of fire made it feel so intimate and hot! I absolutely loved it thank you! Thanks for updating!
3/3 c36 Copperreign12
Absolutely loved this chapter! I loved juvia and Gray! Then I loved that Natsu came back and their embrace was so amazing! I loved it! Then he told her he loved her that was the best! Thank you!
3/3 c37 Natsulover89
I just wanna say great job. Thank you very much for this chapter just for my OTP. Definitely had good feelings while reading this chapter. I’m okay that they aren’t official yet. With your amazing writing skills I can’t wait to see how you make them official. I just know it’s gonna be great. Can’t wait until the next chapter.
3/3 c37 rao hyuga 18
A good dose of fluff to start my day!
3/3 c37 sakshishetty3003
Great chapter again. Can't wait to see what's next
3/2 c37 2Kelsicole2194
Another amazing chapter! Absolutely one of my favorite stories!
3/2 c37 6Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Aww~ They're not? They better fix that, or less someone might think that Lucy (or maybe Natsu) are up for grabs, lol. Please update soon :D
3/2 c36 Lucy H Lover
I'm always up for a fluffy pick me up! Especially a Nalu fluffy pick me up!
2/26 c36 Adonisx
"he spoke through a series of packages as he moved around her face"
2/22 c2 The Shining Sage
I just had a thought. Fairies are said to be burned by iron, so would that cause any problems between Gajeel and Levi?
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