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for Si Vis Pacem -‖- Para Bellum Naruto FanFic

4/19 c4 17Child of Dreams
No. Just no.
4/5 c164 1ramsesjames05
3/1 c151 1SayakaMikisBeautifulHair
Proof of high stat Naruto feats is pain, Pain's Shinra Tensei, Bansho Tenin and Chibaku Tensei are all just blatantly lightspeed as bending space is lightspeed, and no matter how you slice it a Teen Kakashi cutting a bolt of lighting puts him unbelievably above 67mph, the way you say such things with confidence ruins the immersion of the story, power scaling is an integral part of a series power system and world building, you need to make these consistent or else your story will suffer as a result.
Don't do stupid things to make your OC seem more intelligent, instead make your OC actually do something intelligent, make them use chakra, literally anything other then ruining a power system for your own power fantasy, and to go on a rant, you completely butchered the main theme of the Uchiha Clan, that the Uchiha's hate, they revel in power, the power that has caused them suffering, they revel in that power because of the world around them, they can never see the conclusion to that ideology because of that, you managed to completely disregard a concept that is so ingrained in the series that it genuinely baffles me.
You can NOT comment on the writing of Kaguya when you managed to do worse with the Uchiha, at the very least Kaguya was retconned properly and managed to give Obito and Madara possibly the greatest character conclusion in shonen, whereas your story has absolutely no potential to do so, your story is so unbelievably underwhelming, and it mischaracterizes every character so horribly all so your unbelievably mediocre OC can look more intelligent, you somehow disregarded Hagoromo's ideology, the four noble truths, entirely. It genuinely baffles me how confident you are in this when even Zabuza Momochi has better and more emotional complexity, peaks and conflicts then your OC.
2/3 c170 Gvjd
Yesss another
2/1 c169 Guest
1/27 c169 Guest
Yesss, finally we have an update
1/27 c169 SpadeZ77
gracias por la actualización ()ノ
1/2 c47 Luthanora
Started very fun and enjoyable. MC is the same the whole book, no character growth and tslks down to everyone. Has become monotonous and boring with the same character interactions. You can almost guess the whole conversations. Just make the MC as rude as possible and condescending and you have the end result known one sentence in.
11/28/2023 c167 Guest
Woot woot! Amazing! I love coming back after a little while and catching back up with this! Always brings a smile to my face! Can’t wait for more! \(_)/
11/29/2023 c114 Immortal ninjaaa
the yuki parts are soooo boring…
11/29/2023 c106 Immortal ninjaaa
eh dont care about this Yuki character or her backstory at all
11/29/2023 c65 Immortal ninjaaa
this shikamaru fight came out of nowhere and makws no sense
9/26/2023 c166 1StarWriting0
9/25/2023 c165 3Phosphofinite
I'm liking these rapid little chapters, it feels like a cute side story and I think everyone deserves a break from stress
9/21/2023 c12 Guest
Oni-hime is a wonderful name! :D
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