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9/17 c24 Guest
So you’re telling me that a 12 yr old girl can go toe to toe with itachi and kisame? The same Kisame that fought the killer bee and the raikage together as well as 7th gate guy in another fight? Are u srs? I knew this was gonna be another stupid op uchiha fic, not even 1/4 through the story and she’s already bordering on mid kage power level.
Op characters make for boring story since there’s little challenge not to mention being perfect in everything. She’s supposed to have a weak constitution but I haven’t seen any of that since 10 chapters ago when she got muscle ache from using chakra to imbue her blade and cut though the pillar. Not to mention her personality gets more and more annoying to see - another textbook arrogant snot nosed uchiha - and it feels very one dimensional.
All in all her character so far seems like the perfect definition of a Mary Sue and judging by the other reviews on what happens later, it only gets more ridiculous. Tragic considering it seemed interesting at first, would’ve much rather preferred if her power came from hard work and had a much slower build up rather than being give to her cuz of fucking op sharingan clan bloodline and stupid amounts of chakra from out her arse.
The funny part and the icing on the cake for me is what seemed like a drawback with her weak constitution and unbalanced yin to yang chakra ratio, was made into another bs hax power - nice real nice.
For the lols you should end the story with her soloing Kaguya with her awakened rinnegan from dumbass plot fanfic no jutsu, a great climactic finish to an uchiha Mary Sue circle jerk story. But apart from that, it is decently written and although I am dropping the story, I wish you the best of luck with you and your story which has attracted a considerable audience.
9/17 c112 SebatadeS
The writing quality is so amazing in this chapter
9/17 c112 alleyah124
I've been following this story for a long time so excited to finally see the new Arc! Keeo it up!
9/13 c94 RandomPasserby96
asami really is stupid af
9/11 c111 tenkoyami
wowow. always so interesting
9/11 c111 malipudding
ooooh damn, Asami in Sage mode o.O
9/10 c111 kept123
thanks for the chapter
9/10 c111 anthonym3
Wow... that is a funny way of testing the summoner. I approve.
9/10 c111 yochan123
Ooh rework?
9/3 c110 mendozaesaos
thanks for the chapter
9/3 c110 kept123
thanks for the chapter
8/27 c109 kept123
thanks for the chapter
8/26 c20 6Maorin
Interesting at beginning, but it looks like she is the typical classic Uchiha who want revenge and all. I was interested because her sadistic personality and curious about her previous life. It seems she was not ordinary person in Before.

And I thought you will make her training under ANBU or something because Hokage knew she's so powerful and keeping eye on her constantly under high surveillance. but you put her with genin team, which is not problem at all, but I'm losing my interest here because her team just like team 7 (I thought bell test are only Team 7 tradition? And every jounin test to their genin team are different?) and make her so similar to certain Uchiha which is not my cup of tea.
8/26 c3 Maorin
I would act like her too if got reincarnated as attractive girl haha
8/20 c108 yochan123
Yes take over the world with Asami! God I’m so so so ducking angry at danzo for the shit he pulled! Asami would have become Hokage and led konoha to a golden age! The shit destroyed everything! And ruined her reputation!

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