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for Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum -‖- Naruto FanFic

16h c149 1ZeroSpearow
ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye is all i got from this chapter, and haguromo is a mean dude
9/30 c150 Battlesny
ok, random?
9/23 c149 Norah12345
She has bullshit jutsu at EX rank it’s crazy
9/19 c148 Melantha4
um...are we gonna get to canon soon? I'll be honest, I've kind of been skipping parts of the chapters. I really wanna see how she interacts with Canon characters (especially the uchihas)
Oh brother, this is so boring now, what shes just Akatsuki's pawn now? fuck me
Bro wtf is evening happening now? What every single one of her enemies is just going to escape her?
9/10 c147 4Black Magic99
i do wonder where yo are going with this. also where in the timeline are we?
9/9 c147 GloGang214
sage: what is thou wish fair maiden.

asami: I wanna dunk on all my ops and dance on their grave.
8/13 c145 beingLazy
7/15 c144 reynard9234
Chakra balde duh, anyway i think you mean maim instead of main
4/10 c137 yochan123
yes seriously a princess means nothing in a world where power only rules
3/26 c135 mioko
LOL serves konoha right getting pulverized by orochimaru without asami there to help it


also her cute fluffy act is so neat :)
3/19 c134 anthonym3
This was perfect. I want more shenanigans.
3/17 c25 Spidersauce
Wait why lie about Akatsuki?
3/12 c4 Guest
What was the point of reincarnating a little 5 year old girl into a baby? Just making her a smart baby in the first place would be the same this is more a slice of life
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