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8/20/2021 c43 yochan123
Oof I guess sasuke gonna get orochimaru’s mark then lol
8/20/2021 c39 yochan123
Lmao her team is so hopeless
8/20/2021 c38 yochan123
Hohoho this is gonna be lit! Orochimaru you might meet your maker XD
8/20/2021 c37 yochan123
She should just murder danzo already
8/20/2021 c36 yochan123
How dare konoha try to kill her
8/20/2021 c35 yochan123
Did she graduate early? Or has time passed
8/20/2021 c32 yochan123
These fools and their Will of Fire. They ran into their own demise with blind fatalism. She expected little from these dogmatic morons and reality proved her right.


I do hope she won’t overuse her mangekyo though…though with her yin chakra she can probably restore her eyesight
8/20/2021 c29 yochan123
Man they need to put her as anbu commander
8/20/2021 c27 yochan123
I love her no nonsense ANBU lessons hehe
8/20/2021 c25 yochan123
Phew at least she isn’t being forced to join root
8/20/2021 c24 yochan123
Oooh snap she got her mangekyo! Lmao nobody in konoha knows she has the sharingan!
8/20/2021 c23 yochan123
They should just field promote her to jonin right now lol
8/20/2021 c22 yochan123
Hahaha this jonin should be fired he sucks! Lack of intelligence
8/20/2021 c21 yochan123
Nooooes don’t sink your claws into her danzo!
8/20/2021 c20 yochan123
That’s right! BURN YOUR ENEMIES! Honestly she should just team up with orochimaru and destroy everything that stands in her path. I dig that

Fuck kumo especially hahh
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