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for Si Vis Pacem -‖- Para Bellum Naruto FanFic

9/25/2023 c165 3Phosphofinite
I'm liking these rapid little chapters, it feels like a cute side story and I think everyone deserves a break from stress
9/21/2023 c12 Guest
Oni-hime is a wonderful name! :D
9/19/2023 c164 Guest
are they still on namek?
9/19/2023 c164 smittenoakley123
I both love and hate this fanfic it's one of my all-time favorite on this site favorites were pretty long. I love how the au is taking it my only problem is it's got like 3-4 chapters in like 6 months. These last few chap have been rather short, wish there was a patreon we could sub to, to get chapter faster or something like it.
9/3/2023 c163 Phosphofinite
Fun chapter, surprisingly cute!
7/14/2023 c36 Guest
mf just fucking reinvented a nuke
6/23/2023 c24 Amoone1
Don’t know if you noticed but you accidentally posted arc 1 chapter 11 instead of arc 2
6/15/2023 c151 Arinze
Sorry bro but your take on speed is pretty dumb firstly, the first one u are trying to apply the laws of physics in a fictional world , where the laws of physics depends on the author, if the author decides 1million m/s is the speed of sound is none of your business all u can just say in this verse if your speed of sound, u can actually move at more than mach 1000 , u say u look at source material but from the way I talk that's not the case kakashi was stated in the manga not data book at 13yrs old to have cut lightening in half b4 it hit the ground and Zaku arm cannons in the manga were stated to shoot air blast at speed of sound now in the databook haku was stated to able to travel his ice mirror at full power can move at light speed and haku was holding back against Naruto and Sasuke he was also running out of chakra bc ice mirror just keeping it up takes lots of chakra , that's why Naruto and Sasuke were able to hit him. The raikage in his lightening armor was stated in databooks to move at near light speed , Madara light fang jutsu was stated to move at light speed pls reread the manga or pick up a databook and pls don't use physics in a fictional world and that stuff u say your planning on lowering the power level while u give asami power even after using so many jutsu she still has enough power to level the village, pain shortened his life span doing that at almost full power are u nerfing the characters to make asami stronger or what I would suggest raising the power levels of characters, that's safer and be careful of changing the otsutsuki/reincarnation plotline I have seen ppl replace stuff in Naruto and do something extremely dumb and cringey , u could ruin your story. I would only suggest adding a new concept to the original story that compliments the original story , u can't just change something bc u don't like it or it sounds cool in your head , if your going to change something in entirely it most be really good or u end rewriting your story.
6/17/2023 c162 Phosphofinite
Another great chapter! I'm excited to see how it plays out !
5/11/2023 c161 SpadeZ77
Tu historia es increíble, la manera en que manejas a los personajes es fabulosa de manera más realista, y tu AU está bien desarrollada y maravillosa, me encanta mucho tu historia por favor no dejes de escribir nunca
4/30/2023 c161 Phosphofinite
Love this fic so much! I never expected city development, but it's actually really cool how Asami can use her past life knowledge to push Ame forward technologically and gain power that way.

I'm glad that the AU is going to ramp up, excited to see what you plan on doing! Also, Yuki is so adorable, I love all the relationships Asami is making in Ame, really ots a much better fit for her than Konoha. Keep up the great work!
4/28/2023 c11 Guest
Wait if Asami is the same age as sasuke that means Fugain cheated on mikoto while they were married and had itachi and probably just started getting pregnant with sasuke
4/14/2023 c158 Guest
How can you make a OC as badass as Sasuke post-fight with Itachi or even Itachi post- massacre lose to Danzo? It makes no sense. Couldn’t you have advance the plot using someone or something else? Like Danzou actually taking her side after seeing his methods through her? Is it necessary to see all of her recovery and methods to getting back at Konoha as a whole? Couldn’t you just do a timeskip with flashbacks? You started an SoL story that veered off to dark-gory-action packed, don’t get me wrong It’s a great story, however, it’s also just all over the place and honestly the Chunnin exams arc was just plain anticlimactic. At the rate it’s going, I expect a badass Female Lead dying at the end with some BS saying she was finally happy. Game of thrones or Code Geass type ending. Kinda disappointing.
4/2/2023 c160 Luna Lightblade
Like your story but the yuki content isn't really all that interesting. So far I've been skimming through it but its getting several more chapters than I thought it would and I'm wondering if the direction of the story will be focusing on preteen cutesy stuff more than the unapologetic badassery that was prior.
3/26/2023 c21 logical banana
What the hell? What did I just read? passed? Even without considering that the bell test was a privilege of such teams as Hiruzena, Minato and Kakashi, the whole point of the test was not in teamwork, but in trust in this very team, in previous chapters, the mother was killed in front of her, okay, from the very beginning the main character appeared logically intelligent, but she could not understand that there was as much sense in keeping her mother in another room as waving her weak points in front of the enemy, even an idiot would come to that, another thing is Danzo, where he was and why didn't he try to kill her or enslave her? The narration itself goes in a very strange way, like a short a brief retelling of the book that was given to read in the summer, what the hell did I just read? I drop this fan fiction
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