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for Si Vis Pacem -‖- Para Bellum Naruto FanFic

3/27/2023 c76 PinkFlower2
Lol shikamaru
3/6/2023 c20 5thebestofall
Bell test is Kakashi exclusive dude. It isn't something every Konoha jonin does. And also with the whole visiting the graves thing.

But I guess these characters were just temporary ones so I don't mind.
3/6/2023 c11 thebestofall
Half the chapter was a recap of the previous one, just from a different POV.
2/27/2023 c19 Guest
Hmm, he seems awfully familiar...
2/27/2023 c16 Guest
2/27/2023 c14 Guest
Uh oh
2/27/2023 c11 Guest
I knew she was an Uchiha!
2/27/2023 c10 Guest
Hehehe. I like this.
2/27/2023 c7 Guest
1/30/2023 c158 6Black Magic99
the power of cute is compelling indeed
1/16/2023 c5 Kibbinz
I would assume that the mother would be happy that she couldn't enroll in the academy. She seems to have a hatred for shinobi
1/14/2023 c157 1StarWriting0
1/13/2023 c108 2MiharuTousaka
Ngl I was looking forward to seeing 5th Hokage Asami RIP
1/13/2023 c101 MiharuTousaka
Tobi’s fun lol
1/13/2023 c94 MiharuTousaka
Wow they’re really all turning on her? I didn’t expect them to betray her so easilyn ;
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