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for Si Vis Pacem -‖- Para Bellum Naruto FanFic

7/12/2018 c1 ProTaggingProperly
Uhmmm. This fic had a good start but it is starting to stroke the MC's ego too much. Less tooting one's horn and more plot/world building please. It gets tiresome and repetitive. It becomes, ultimately, boring and predictable.
7/11/2018 c7 4serus black antihumannature
good work
7/10/2018 c6 serus black antihumannature
good work just read it all
7/9/2018 c6 Scaunders
Thumbs up
7/9/2018 c6 Hyochi Nagara
Exelent! .)
7/7/2018 c5 Crystal Blue Butterfly
Well, you are certainly presenting an interesting concept.
This is proving to be a very interesting introduction.
Anxious, I look forward to seeing what you have prepared for the future of this work.
7/5/2018 c4 ProTaggingProperly
THIS is interesting. The cliche bashing is just as welcome.
I love it! Definate
7/4/2018 c3 Crazy Fang Girl
First Fic? NO WAY! it's awesome, a bit slow but I love it anyway. Don't drop this story and reconsider if u did. Pls continue.

Ps if u make new chapters could u use some more imagery? It's a little hard to picture what's happening.

thanks ;-)
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