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for 425:The Donna Adventures of the Miraculous: Ladybug n Cat Noir

8/30 c28 7AgentNoOne
Cool! Sad about Fu, but this is still really cool!
5/24 c1 5SharkBait1027
pretty good story
3/24 c28 angel of darkeness
Got to say I really like the story
3/13 c28 182Luiz4200
I never thought that allergy could be so grave.
3/13 c27 Luiz4200
Poor Master Fu. At least Hawk Moth's identity was discovered.
2/2 c13 Luiz4200
I never heard of Beatles' Day before. Good work.
2/1 c9 Luiz4200
Nice Suite Life reference.
2/1 c5 Luiz4200
I still remember how Rose sounded while shouting her love for unicorns.
12/14/2019 c1 19crystalclear123
Interesting. Thank you for recommending it to me. It'll take a while to read the whole story but I'm nothing if not committed.
11/28/2019 c28 40CMXB
nice song
11/28/2019 c5 CMXB
11/24/2019 c28 2Heart of the Demons
Thank you for recommending me this story, my friend. All 28 chapters have been a real blast to read. The action, adventure, drama, and suspense has been high throughout, and the song selections help to enhance the story's flow. I most definitely appreciate the handling of the "Hawkmoth" two-parter, where everybody got a moment to stand out as things came to a head. When you value storytelling, you value storytelling.
9/8/2019 c17 18princess mh
i love those disney nights
9/2/2019 c28 21Firebid1030
Ladybug wins and hawkmoth is in a high maximum security prison on donna's ship yay happy ending.
9/2/2019 c27 Firebid1030
oh no master fu died no not him the owner of the spa wow this is a sad first part of season finale now time for part 2
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