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for Outsider Chronicles: Thats So Wrong

6/8 c3 8uflesh940
Oh, I think I've seen the anime being referred to here. Something about problem children in another world? It was decent.
4/3 c2 110Right What Is Wrong
...Fortuna Lovegood.

I can't believe I saw that damned name in the first chapter and didn't put two and two together! *facepalm* I'm an idiot. That's hilarious, though. Excellent crack.
4/3 c1 Right What Is Wrong
Dude, this is hilarious. The idea of someone with a working brain being reincarnated as the WBWL is BRILLIANT. Poor Brandon.

First chapter's great. Interesting that Harry's vanished... putting Brandon in the place of Dumbledore's chew toy. Oh dear...
4/1 c3 Spellflame
... where’s dragon?
1/27 c3 forgefire maniac
thumbs up bye ps yoi will probibly ignore this but please continue this i beg of you
11/26/2019 c3 Moon Wolf 96
Where is Harry though!?
10/14/2019 c3 Face Yourself
Well... it was disappointing enough already that Brandon was a brute... and then even more when Ginny apparently triggered, since it meant that there'd be more than one character with powers in the story that weren't native to the setting... but this just scales up the disappointing elements even more to the-story-is-ruined-drop-it levels, and I can finally see where the backlash you talked about at the beginning came from, even if I couldn't actually find it in the other story's replies.
10/14/2019 c2 Face Yourself
Huh. Weird AU. Luna's mother's alive, and her name changed to Fortuna? The insert character gets stuck with a bad name, a boring brute power, and the worst Hogwarts house? Disappointing elements, some of those, but meh, I kind of like that you're skimming through the nothing years to get to the meat of the story sooner.
6/13/2019 c2 Hotshot6
My reaction to contessa: RUN BITCH, RUUUUN! Congratulations, you made me fear for a (albiet a decent one) WBWL. I know its redundant considering it's an si who is a decent guy, but still.
3/13/2019 c3 SaberPrototype15
You should update love the story.
3/7/2019 c1 Guest
In the part about the valts witch one
1/18/2019 c3 40deathgeonous
Ok, while fun, I think I'd need a bit more just to figure this out... Well, thanks for writing this anyways, and bye for now.
12/18/2018 c3 KrisB-71854
I came across this fic and read it mainly due to the summary. I actually liked the idea of a reborn OC in a WBWL life. It's a great start. I skimmed the reviews. Some were irked that you were sticking close to canon. I'm fine with that.

You've pretty much explained things with James being the fame glorying type. Folks tend to forget that kids don't get to make their own routines and pretty much have to do what their parents say.

Brandon has pretty much been politically/socially isolated due to his dad's actions. Brandon is more neutral/meh than anything else.

Brandon did make use of Potter manor's magical resources. He has picked up dueling, martial arts, and swordsman ship. I'll agree that I'm a bit disappointed that seems to be all he has learned. You could go into a bit about things that James knows about being sealed off or such. James doesn't want Brandon educated likely due to AD's meddling. I could easily see their massive family library sealed shut as well as anything that James bothered to find.

Of course, James is a bit of a lazy sod so only restricted what resources he had learned/made use of preHogwarts. He likely forgot that the manor is much larger. Also the family portraits likely have helped Brandon find things that James never knew of or cared about.

I actually sort of like the vibe. Brandon doesn't get along with Ron. He also doesn't have a thing for redheads and has no interest in Ginny. He likely shudders at the mere thought. I'm more surprised that he hadn't been forced to have play dates with Ginny or sleep overs at the Weasley home. He did a fair job of having as expanded social circle as he could.

I wasn't sure what was going on with the various crosses until the end sort of. From what I've gathered Luna's mom has fulfilled her god motherly duties with Harry by relocating him to a loving hero home and all that. With Dragon listed, I could see him growing up with her as a mom, which would be rather different. I could also see him being part of New Wave, but that's a bit PR glitzy for the usual Harry Potter.

After figuring out that it was a worm cross, I only caught that Brandon had a power with the troll incident. Apparently he can hit things. I have no idea what Unknown is.
I generally liked how you handled things with his second year with Ginny. Liked how he grabbed some cash and paid Ginny's mind healer directly.

I know very little about the Little Garden. I know most of my info on it by skimming it's jump doc. From what I know if it, Little Garden is a place where super demons/gods play games with Problem Children for interesting side bets. The Problem Children could be any super powered or just empowered character. They can gain, lose, and trade abilities/skills/traits through winning and losing their games.

A combat oriented challenge is both simpler and more difficult.

I liked what you did with Abaddon. I don't know if that was part of the Little Garden, but I'm pretty sure that there was a third entity by that name that meddled with the other two.

I could see her handing out powers to use in a more controlled sort of sport. I loved seeing them take liberties with Black Rabbit and also their various reasons for sticking around.

Brandon would rather stick around rather than stay around his dad. Ginny's reasoning is much the same except it is her mom rather than dad. Anne was willing to stick around after hearing about getting friends. Forget new friends. Any actual friends would be rewarding at the moment.

If I caught the ages correctly, Anne, Ginny and Luna are the same age/grade. I'm looking forward to seeing who Brandon actually befriends. Anne and Ginny are rather different sorts of girls. The main thing keeping them together is that they are from the same place and roughly know each other. The working together through combat will bring them together one way or another.
10/27/2018 c1 FinalCyberNet
So Harry Potter, Worm and Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo? looks good so far
9/22/2018 c1 2CMVreud
I bet it's his power to do a pinpoint 6-bank trick-shot while inebidra-, indeb-, in-... drunk.
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