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11/25 c85 Guest
Now that the trailers for Spiderman no way home are out, how much are you laughing at the fact that Alfred Molina is playing Doc Ock in the MCU?
11/24 c1 NovaDeer
Me and the boys looking at Omniverse: What this horse shit lmao
Me and the boys looking at the reboot: Okay maybe Omniverse wasn't that bad
11/22 c144 cassnova5424
huh, nice kamen rider reference
11/21 c104 cassnova5424
I like how you did Jameson in this chapter, hes an asshole but a pragmatist with a decent moral compass
11/21 c69 cassnova5424
I always respect DBZA references
11/20 c36 cassnova5424
dunno If the false death reports would actually work...thatd just make their families expendable
11/20 c7 cassnova5424
i love goop, i dont know why, but hes a near favorite
11/20 c6 cassnova5424
rouge hellicarriers are a big problem, and big problems deserve Way Big solutions.

Sorry for any internal injuries the cringe from that pun gave anyone
11/9 c64 Guest
Love the story, been reading it during my down time over the past few days. Just wanted to say, I hope something comes of the Dial and Jen interaction. While Skye is nice, I like his interactions with she hulk better.
11/2 c14 1Joe Lawyer
I think it's stupid in the extreme to not have a lethal force policy as simple as "if they are trying to kill me, I will kill them." Anything else is just plain arrogant.
10/31 c3 Athrium
right, yeah no, i barely started this chapter, but holy fuck is this garbage.
10/22 c1 KratostheLycan
He's never seen any Marvel movies?
10/22 c144 Han-Daewi
Ah fuck essex... Fuck that bastard is bullshit sometimes
10/22 c142 Han-Daewi
... So there was a block on him... Emma so Cue ball. Is dead? Hmmm
10/22 c1 Han-Daewi
SCP is scary and I know shit about IT that gotta say something xD
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