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3/14 c17 1loki98065
I know you've probably already done it but I vote for maranda for LI. great story so far
3/13 c54 3Edgeoftoday
So... Tela is one of those type of girls. Am I the only one that hears her going "BAKA!" in a ridiculously girlish voice whenever she blushes? And the clone... Smith is getting it on with Shepard's just-barely-a-few-moths-old clone... Well, to quote an old song: "SHE'S A FREAK! SHE'S A SUPER FREAK! SHE'S SUPER FREAKY!"
3/12 c52 Edgeoftoday
Just a small pointer: unless you're referencing someone else, it's Patriarch not Primarch.
3/12 c51 Edgeoftoday
Finally, an author that doesn't crack under the pressure of a couple jackasses throwing insults around like candy! Congratulations, my friend: you've just shot up considerably in my personal opinion! Too many authors can't or don't know how to handle the heat, and stop writing altogether because of it. Good to see you're not one of them.
3/11 c47 Edgeoftoday
Handholding? *Gasp* Why Jordan, don't you know this fic is rated T?! That sort of thing might be noticed by an admin! Shameful, the way you display such a thing openly! Have you no pri...de...*tries and fails to keep from snickering, only to stop and let out a proper laugh*
Ahhh, that was fun. Anyway, good chapter; lots of fluff, which in this particular case I'm glad to read.
3/9 c39 1SympathyForTheQuarians
I feel the need to point out that you established Tali was aware of her treason charges in this chapter, which makes her outraged exclamation at them during Jordan's debrief make little sense.

This story is pretty decent for a self-insert despite suffering from some of the usual problems that plague them. The fact that there's an overarching story outside of Jordan helps a lot, and the twist regarding his origins was nicely delivered.
3/6 c15 me
I called it! So I'm guessing the guy going around and capping Geth on the citadel is the Avatar of Destruction? Cause the Avatar of Refusal would be kinda lame...
Yes, I know there's 25 chapters left so there's probably already an answer.
3/1 c54 Harbringer27
I really hope you kill the avatar of destruction she is just the worse,
2/23 c51 Anon
Definitely fuck those haters giving you negative reviews. This story is amazing! Been reading it for two days now and I cannot get enough! Great job and definitely keep it up if you're up for it!
2/22 c54 Blaze1992
The whole romance options for mass effect to me seems half-assed, I always hated the fact each game each romance feels more like a hook-up than general romance.

In ME3 I really think there should've been a option to "marry" your Paramore or adopt/make a kid with them.

I also really hope that the new remastered ME trilogy game allows at the start of ME1 the choice of wooing the dextro teammates this go around, I also really hope the crafting system from ME: andromeda is used too. The power to make/change any weapons firing style was awesome, I loved my self made battle rifle which was a Valkyrie AR changed into single fire.
2/21 c54 Tom712
2/20 c54 2O pior
Dude, you can bet a bottle of Balalaika and $ 50 that I will like it. Shepard clone is no longer a clichê villain, now has a name and a personality, the dynamic between Tela and Jordan remains as fun as ever and now we have an unexpected cry for help from the rachni queen. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out. Keep up the good work :)
2/19 c11 Guest
Holy fuck deliver me from snivelling delicate protagonists. You think its a good piece of writing and then the author crowbars in stuttering and crying to every piece of protag dialog.

I don't think I've ever read a more unrelatable or irritating protag in my life - And I've read proximal flames last angel so that's saying a lot.
2/19 c54 Tlingit97
You bet I’m going to enjoy the stuff you put out! I love the Jordan/Tela relationship dynamic! Your doing incredible work my friend! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
2/19 c54 ethandan616
Have you ever heard of the tragedy of darth Tela the biotic?
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