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9/15/2019 c6 13Snake Eyes BR
I think you got it right to put AT-8266 as a woman. for her insubordination to spare the residents of the attacked village is a typical benevolent female behavior.
9/15/2019 c1 Snake Eyes BR
Hello! I don't know the story of the movie, but I suddenly fell in love with Rey and Kylo because of pinterest illustrations. And now here I am looking for Fanfics with this beautiful couple! because I already learned about the original story and they are not a couple yet. In addition, I love drama stories, with opposite poles like Light and Darkness, and a redemption ending to Darkness.
9/11/2019 c30 patskat
A good story plot doesn't need smut, it just intrudes, but the tension in the touch-hand scene is enough. Like I said, good story. Slow down take a breath, we'll be here waiting for an update...:D
9/11/2019 c31 7ToughSpirit
I think you handled this chapter just fine. I understand your apprehension but you did well. I really do miss this story. I wish there were more updates, I always want to read more.
8/14/2019 c30 Erika H. Daae
I really like Poe in this chapter! Also, in response to your note at the end, I personally really appreciate that you go for the TLJ hand-touch scene feel for the intimate moments between Rey and Kylo! Those are my favorite kinds of moments! Thanks for the update!
8/8/2019 c30 Laura
I catchep up 30 chapters in like a DAY. Now I wil have ti wait for the next one :( hahhaha I really like your story, I am eager for them to a) see each other in RL or b) having a hot tempersture scene muahahaha (or both) see ya! Keep being awesome!
8/7/2019 c30 AphroditesChild
Thanks so much for the update! Great chapter!
8/7/2019 c30 ToughSpirit
Whoa haven't seen an update for this in so long, I almost thought ot was abandoned. But Im glad its not. Love reading the intimate scene between Rey and Kylo. Looking forward to more.
8/7/2019 c30 Guest
I am still loving this story! Please keep updating.
6/28/2019 c29 kansa
I pray things level out for you soon. Stress can literally cause havoc on your body. Rest when you need. Thank you for the last two chapters! I love the Knights of Ren! I pin fact, I would read a fic just about them. Anyway, I like the bond Rey and Ren have now very intimate. Looking forward to where you will take it!
6/19/2019 c29 AphroditesChild
Great chapter! Sorry your having so much stress with school. Take your time and ask if there's the possibility of a makeup exam due to medical reasons..
6/17/2019 c29 Erika H. Daae
I'm enjoying seeing all the different versions of the Knights of Ren out there, so I'm interested to see what you're going to do with them! Sending you Reylo love!
6/13/2019 c29 ToughSpirit
Glad to see an update.
5/31/2019 c28 ToughSpirit
As always looking forward to more
5/11/2019 c27 1pty
I haven't been commenting much and I probably should have (I loved the end of the prior chapter), but that scene with the wine had me laughing so much, and also the playlist you made.
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