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for Gaming for Glory v2

9/29 c5 6DetectiveSky612
I can't wait to see an update for this fic, i'm kinda sad that it's just become derelict
3/10 c5 mccann1444
pretty good if I say so myself and just messing with you here but I do believe it's been a little more than 24 months. ;p. I understand the need to cool off from things so even if this story has died it won't bother me these things happen. again really enjoyed the first one and definitely enjoying this one hopefully you guys and gal can get back to it. otherwise keep moving forward.
10/25/2019 c5 ConcernedReader
Heya! I really enjoyed the fanfic 2.0 so far, is it still going? It seems like it was last updated a while ago.
1/12/2019 c5 Guest
it's been 3 months already. when will you update the story?
1/9/2019 c4 Guest
with all due respect sir writer, plz try to update the story soon. great story. :)
12/30/2018 c5 1SardonicWordsmith
tl;dr : Nerf gamer compared to the original, have Cobalt's romance be meaningful.

So I think that while this rewrite/imagining has potential, it isn't really addressing what I feel the main problem with the original story was; and that was gamer itself. The original gamer by sagyoung seong works because no mater how strong the character becomes it very rarely feels like he is actually in control outside of his little bubble. However gaming for glory felt like it started falling apart at about the time you broke that trope, just before the battle for beacon. You decided that the character NEEDED to be strong enough to solve all of the problems faced by all of the characters. Specifically the point at which cobalt started bringing people back from the dead even creating living beings from scant fragments of soul was when characters actions just stopped having consequences. And the cause of this was gamer. With cobalt's personality there was no way he wouldn't abuse a broken ability (and there's nothing wrong with that.) and the way gamer was written it was defiantly broken. While changing cobalt as a character does solve some of these issues, he absolutely still feels like the kind of person that would fall into the same trap, and honestly the shipping poll kind of makes it feel like you can't decide who you want cobalt to really be. So ultimately I think you need to nerf the hell out of gamer. Maybe make things like gamer's mind and body abilities that level with the player and slowly gain the attributes they had in the original. Make it so that creating new skills not only has stat requirements but requires the player to have prerequisite abilities that are also a high enough level.

Basically make him earn it, actually punish him for his mistakes, and things should be fine.

Also, as long as you are taking cues for his romantic interest, try to be sure that whoever he ends up with has enough backbone to call him out on his bs, because honestly you could have removed velvet from the first story and it would be almost entirely the same. It would even be preferable for him to not have a romantic interest than one that doesn't mater. Who he ends up with should change him as a character. So from the remaining list I would go with Neo, Coco, or Blake.

Neo because she's a mostly blank slate giving you some creative freedom while you could keep her with a gamer semblance like you did before providing some legitimate balance and some nice dichotomy.
Coco because again she's a blank slate, but she still has that "i'm in charge here" attitude that could keep things in check.
and Blake because she comes prebuilt with experience dealing with someone going mad with power, while her more reserved personality would also help provide balance.
11/2/2018 c5 RexeonNightingale
Sienna, Blake, and Neopolitan
10/18/2018 c5 5Spiceracksargent001
Okay, this story is proving to be pretty dang funny. I look forward to seeing more.
10/11/2018 c5 DriftingGem
i say ruby seems to young and hasen't even met him and velvet seems the most likly chois right now but other could later challenge her for his affection
10/10/2018 c5 cjjt71200
10/7/2018 c5 8UndeadLord22
Wait, summers gonna be in the story?
10/6/2018 c5 Guest
10/6/2018 c5 vmage2
What is PID?
10/6/2018 c4 vmage2
Why did Cobalt go from level 9 last chapter to level 8 this chapter? What is PID?
10/6/2018 c3 vmage2
Why does Cobalt have two Insights?
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