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for The Highland Diclonius 2

10/13 c58 Guest
I'm glad this story is continuing. It's one of my favorites.
Btw I heard that the program that fractionalizes votes is called or at least referred to as "Fractional Magic".
9/17 c55 7atsik101
I don't know about you, but I don't think that Amanda would be able to find a management business fulfilling even if she's making three times more money than she spends...I think that she should go out and open up a security firm that specializes in Infiltrating and stealing to test the security systems of other companies. I believe that this kind of work will let her use her kleptomania in a constructive way to earn her own money and also get her adrenaline rash!
10/10/2020 c52 1Dirt Rider 712
This is excellent! I’m sad to have run out of chapters. Really enjoying the John/Cameron scenes too.

Thank you,
Dirt Rider
10/8/2020 c26 Dirt Rider 712
If Duncan was so nervous, why did he let her go to the morgue? Was teaching her a lesson, worth revealing her immortality?

Also not to happy that they destroyed her bike. She got herself blown up on a mission, and they haven’t stopped her from doing those.

Overall, loving this story!

Dirt Rider
5/23/2020 c52 2crankshaft7
Awesome chapters! I've been behind on reading updates from my favorite fan fics but this was worth the wait.
4/4/2020 c50 crankshaft7
Ch:50 Great and fun chapter but as for only doing inventory once a week? Tell that to my bosses, or rather my bosses bosses. They make GMs do a full inventory every night. That's why when they ask if I want to be a manager I promptly say "nooooooo, no no nooooooo" lol
3/28/2020 c49 crankshaft7
49 was a friggin awesome chapter. I love Kaede's special brand of vengeance/justice. If anything I'd say she was a bit reserved. She let those Douchebags die much more easily and... Humainly than normal.
3/7/2020 c48 crankshaft7
Friggin awesome! This story just keeps getting better and better!
3/4/2020 c47 crankshaft7
Great chapter! I thought this story was drawing to a close but yet again was pleasantly surprised.
2/19/2020 c46 7atsik101
It seems to me that Sarah have not realize that if she succeed in her quest to destroy Cameron that she will loose her son. Because there is no doubt about that if Cameron is destroyed then John in the best case scenario will change his name again and disappear from the world forever or in the worst case he will put a gun in his head and pull the trigger because the only one who makes his life worth living will be dead...
2/8/2020 c43 2lrdchief
just out of curiosity, are these new storylines of Terminator, and sailing because you need something to write as people want this series to continue?
2/7/2020 c42 MizoreShirayukiFan
I love this chapters very much. Read it a few times actually. Keep up the great work.
2/6/2020 c41 KirkSauber
Terminator & Night Court?!
Now that is a combination I didn't see coming.

How do you put a man with only one hand in handcuffs?
Wouldn't he bleed out rather quickly?
Would anybody care other than the janitor?
2/2/2020 c39 2crankshaft7
"SPLAT" That never gets old lol
1/25/2020 c37 KirkSauber
I look forward to each new chapter.
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