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for Toy Maker's Daughter Book Two: Serpentine Chambers

7/21/2019 c33 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

7/17/2019 c18 The Annoyance
Are you Dutch because slang is snake in Dutch?
Great story! Iit
6/17/2019 c33 Jostanos
You may have, BK, but I had forgotten about that detail. The fault lies with me concerning that oversight(?).

*blinks* wait. What?! Jean Granger was memory charmed by.. Oh-ho-ho no!
I'm glad that it finally failed, but I am not happy that Jean got the tar beat out of her because of it failing.
Just out of curiosity, BK... May Hermione been next to have been beaten by her so-called "father" had she gone home as she originally planned to do?

*ahem* And now for something completely different..

A cute little kitten turning into a ferocious TIGRESS!

I can hear Calla exclaiming now: "I am woman hear me ROAR!" and she actually ROARS afterwards!
6/16/2019 c33 3Acolyte of the Blood Moon
Man, I really enjoyed this series so far, glad I decided to take a look. Read this and the first book in around 4-5 days. Thanks for the read, and good lucky with writing!
5/14/2019 c29 PikaMew1288
I'm confused. So Calla has to wait until she is an adult to replenish her fae magic but can't do it freely? What does that mean? That she can only replenish it once every so often? What effect will snapping have on her then? It seems to me that after snapping, the fae side of her heritage will take the reins based on the fact that her personality will become more like a fae's is. You don't see many half-fae in fiction and when you do they usually don't STAY half-fae for long. They either become a full fae or whatever the other race is. An example being a Devil/Fae Hybrid being converted into a Full Devil or Full Fae based on their choice. It doesn't help that fae who don't live among humans don't understand mortals so that when they DO encounter them they come across as unfeeling assholes that you want to stab. Fae in most fiction tend to be unable to understand human emotion outside of feeling petty or spiteful so it is right for Calla to worry about what happens after she snaps.
5/13/2019 c21 PikaMew1288
If Harry Potter had magical blocks placed on him and then was struck by Voldemort's killing curse in the graveyard, would the blocks have been forcibly broken due to the curse basically pulling the Horcrux out? Even if they destroy all the Horcruxes sans Calla, then Voldemort will still be alive due to Calla meaning that all she has to do is get struck by his killing curse and then Kill him one last time.
5/12/2019 c33 1Lucky Guard
I just spent the last two weeks reading most of your stories and I love them all. You have a way about creating characters that is fairly amazing. I can't wait till the next installment. Please update soon.
5/10/2019 c33 4FANactic Writer
Welcome to Puberty: Extreme Hell Edition boys!~
5/9/2019 c33 JaguarVakarian
Please post an update when you start the next book.
4/29/2019 c14 4Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
Why the fuck i am thinking you put titania here
4/28/2019 c32 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
4/16/2019 c32 4FANactic Writer
Not even the snake like you Thomas! XD
4/15/2019 c32 ThunderClaw03
At least the basilisk wasn't bat shit crazy and wanting to kill everyone. Update soon
4/15/2019 c32 LoveFlamesBound
Did You Say Soul Flames!? ...YESSSS! Pleasee~ Say Me Calla Will Be A Sky~! Anyway, Thanks For The Update~!
PS:Umm ... I wonder, if Calla were a Sky and used the aspect of harmonization in Poppy ... What would happen? :3...If they are already sensitive when Calla touched their wings I wonder what would happen if she adds flames of Sky to that...Jejeje~ That will be fun ... ;)
4/15/2019 c32 Jostanos
The basilisk is going to a new home; 'Diary Riddle', if he still exists, no longer has a way to either petrify or instakill students with said Super serpent; Hogwarts is saved thanks to Calla and her friends.

No worries, BK! I wasn't being too serious about the 'Wall to wall ping pong balls' anyway, so apology accepted. :)

*blinks* A _'Jewel' Basilisk_ ? I didn't realize that there _was_ such a variety.
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