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for For the One Who Almost Lost Everything (Alternate Endgame)

11/17/2023 c1 2RUBYJEMS
I can't find the stories or authors this story is inspired you sure these are the titles and authors?
9/9/2021 c6 54Poke-ranger21
i LOVE green lanturn the animated series, its my favourite DC show (besides YJ. cant decide which one I love more)
1/29/2021 c7 Guest
*laughs silently at the mention of Dick sounding like Jesse McCartney*
8/4/2020 c3 Guest
Raya, Raymond, and Zane is Dick's childhood friends, right? Did I remember the comics correctly?
3/18/2019 c2 25DogsAreTheBest312
While I like the idea, I think you missed the point a few places. I like that Canarh chewed out the team, but I feel that they’ve been forgiven too easily. For one, what’s to stop Miss Martian from ripping someone’s mind apart again? Why do Artemis and Kaldur get a free pass when they were just as willing to the plot as Dick? I feel that things could be more laid out and developed before rushing into the “let’s invade a Bat’s mind”. Also, I don’t believe for one second that Bruce would forgive the team that easily. He chew them out even more than Canary. And Tina and Barbara would probably be benched for not trusting a team member and not remembering thag secrets exist for a reason.
1/29/2019 c8 30Mystic Storys
Really liked the concept and the beginning was good but overall it felt like it was trying to have way too much going on. Fell a little flat honestly
1/1/2019 c8 6Theblueswordsman
Well...sigh...the premise was awesome, the idea great. Some top notch references. You either know your stuff, or did a lot of research.
Some of the angst scenes were well done and I wish the actual show would have explored this type of thing a little more. I've always wondered how Dick feels running teams of super powered near gods, without having powers, and the angst he feels, I feel like you could have touched on that and explored a little more. I think you did a great job with references, I think you had great ideas and there were parts that were VERY WELL DONE and you fleshed out some great parts.
However, I feel you rushed it, you could have fleshed out more, and gone into more detail going slower. I have the same problem when I write myself so i get it.
Some of your word choices were odd to me, one that stood out was batman caressing Dicks face, idk why it felt weird.
The imaginary friends, I think it's a great touch about Dick being alone when he was young, but I felt bringing them to life and having them be guided was too much, you could have done a memory of them that they saw memory bubbles was genius, some of the memories were excellent, the blue lantern was an incredible idea, Dick needs hope back, good sentiment, I thought you didnt execute it the best.
I thought Canary yelling at the team, and making them feel ashamed was a bad take, the justice league has always left young justice to sort their own shit out I felt.
You did a wonderful job with Dick feeling inadequate for bruce, that's definitely there, and him taking his and wally's fight really hard was a great touch.
I'm not trying to be mean in writing all of this, I wanted to provide honest constructive criticism. You did a lot of things very well, some things fantastic. The premise was amazing, but you could have fleshed out a lot more...overall after the premise I was a bit disappointed.
Feel free to message me if youd like to discuss if you think I'm wrong in some areas or what ever thoughts you want to shoot back. Or if youd like help. Thanks for writing! It is a splendid story and idea!
12/15/2018 c8 jam2014
Good story! Keep up the writing!
11/11/2018 c5 Guest
oh pobres peques ! esta genial el capotulo
10/23/2018 c4 Ailyn Vel
Really cool and interesting. Please continue it when you have time. Good luck and God bless.
10/8/2018 c4 2JusticeNotRevenge
Wait, whaaatttt?
NO f-ing way!
I'm shook...
9/30/2018 c4 Guest
Ohhh que buen cap
9/20/2018 c3 Guest
Ohhhhh pobre niño awwww raya !
9/17/2018 c1 Nerd of steel
I liked it, actually I loved it... I can't wait to read more

Keep on writing!
7/16/2018 c2 14Sairey13
Not like Dick never has depression and/or suicidal thoughts before, just like ever since the death of Blockbuster and being raped by Tarantula. According to Batman in Nightwing #117, Dick tried to kill himself in six months since the incident.

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