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for Redemption

7/8/2019 c4 Guest
Please update soon. I love this story. Thank you for telling me that there will be a happy ending for the story. Will you make the story of corvus and proxima becoming goods and having children after this story?
5/29/2019 c3 Just A Reader
Very intrigued by this story. Not something that I would've thought to put together. Looking forward to more. (Thumbs Up)
5/26/2019 c3 Guest
Can you make a story where corvus glaive and proxima midnight become goods and help the avengers to defeat thanos? Please tell me yes. Please make them stay alive forever and together and have children please

Ps: please make a happy for also for this story. Update soon please. I love this story
7/7/2018 c1 10StoryWriter88
Interesting request but Proxmia Midnight is already married to fellow Black Order (Children of Thanos) member, Corvus Glaive, so I doubt the relationship would work, considering their relationship is rather good, given the deleted scenes in Infinity War.
7/7/2018 c1 21edboy4926
Awesome intro
Looking forward to more
7/7/2018 c1 Jayssapphire
I'm certainly interested in this story. Haven't seen something like this before, and I'm interested to see how it turns out.
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