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for Woke up as goku

3/16 c3 Guest
Too much then and bad grammar make hulk mad
1/13 c1 DevilsArray
could have saved him be brave, dont hesitate to change canon
11/16/2020 c1 3Jason29
I probably would've liked your story, but just your first paragraph got me such a headache...
Don't rush dude, take your time to write the situation. You should probably ask someone to
help to build your story.
11/14/2020 c1 Mastersgtjames
so many typo's. Spelling errors, grammar issues.
Use Spell-check, maybe read it before you post or get an editor?
10/20/2020 c1 2dreadis
An fun insert idea but the first chapter here is very rushed.
9/5/2020 c22 kirosyamcha
a shame, i was hoping chichi and bulma would both get in a relationship with goku, considering the situation it could have worked probably.
9/3/2020 c2 True Hyper Sonic
What you need, my friend, is a proofreader. A beta who helps correct certain small stuff, while keeping the story as a whole intact.
8/7/2020 c13 Guest
I dont think she wants to get banged by that tiny dick anyway
7/19/2020 c8 Gregorvich
gohan was 11 when he went ssj2. goten was like 6 years old when he went ssj. age has nothing to do with super saiyan forms. hell, in gt, kid goku could go all the way up to ssj4 and ssj3 was the only form that was more difficult as a kid.
2/16/2020 c2 Waka Metalbelly
If your to lazy to correct your mistakes or use proper grammar, I'm to lazy to read this garbage. Maybe I'll check back in a few years.
2/16/2020 c1 Waka Metalbelly
Really interesting concept, but your grammar is garbage.
12/27/2019 c1 1rey dreemur
11/11/2019 c6 kirosyamcha
if hes doing 70g he should be near the level of captain ginyu .
10/20/2019 c3 NazgulBelserion
Fuck Op grammar lol
10/20/2019 c2 Shadowpawzzz
I would love reading these kinda of stories, but your grammar sucks so bad I can't. Keep up the hard work and I'll check out your future stories.
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