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for The Balcony Door To The Left

12/1/2022 c18 Guest
more please!
2/6/2022 c18 PheraDream15
I NEED more!
5/5/2020 c1 5BrokenUp
Dear Owl, I do hope you are well. I just had to write you to let you know how much I adore this story. The way you write Raphael is spot on and the chemistry between him and Bonnie literally has me aching for more..But if you aren't planning on updating then I shall make do by reading and re-reading which I do on a daily basis because you are so amazingly talented. I also love how you write Mikey - you are so accurate. Anyway, thank you for sharing your brilliant skill as a writer - I love your work.
11/11/2019 c1 Twilight Warroir
This had to be hands down one of the BEST TMNT fics I have ever read. I love this! I love the interaction between Raph and Bonnie, it is so well written! I can't wait to read more!
6/5/2019 c18 1ImpartingAbyss
Nooooo! It's abandoned! Whyyyyy?
6/5/2019 c18 Readinglittleworks
I just keep rereading this hoping for updates
6/5/2019 c5 ImpartingAbyss
Holy Toledo! This fics the bomb dude! Please keep it up. I can really feel what the characters are feeling and that takes talent you are an artist
3/17/2019 c18 Guest
I hope u decide to finish this story. I'm really enjoying it.
2/5/2019 c18 Guest
I just finished reading your story and I love it so much! I hope you will continue writing,because I love those two and really want to know how its moving on :D
Keep going! You are a great writer! :))))
12/19/2018 c18 sayingirl
Really liking this. I love the accent you do for raph. makes it easy to hear his voice in my head when I'm reading it. wonder how casey is gonna take it when he finally clues into whats happening. looking forward to more!
12/17/2018 c18 Guest
Glad your carrying on with this story its too good to leave unfinished.
12/19/2018 c18 CyberLizzie52
I love them too! fantastic update - thank you :-)
12/16/2018 c18 beautifulasfuck

Thank you for updating this awesome story! ️

Hoping for a new chapter very soon :)))))
11/12/2018 c17 19Ghost-of-a-Chance-13
First off, let me just say that I am LOVING your portrayal of Raph here! You're really capturing his softer side incredibly well without sacrificing or downplaying his bristly and blustery exterior. Excellent work on the accent portrayal, too - it really sounds like Raph instead of just 'some random character who sounds like every other random character.' Always love seeing people make an effort to accurately portray dialogue from characters with accents.
Regarding Raph slashing his wrists in a previous chapter...well, that specific action seemed like a bit of a stretch to me. His Sai are for defense of others, not punishing himself - taking them after himself or using them in anger would be considered a disrespect to the weapons and his master. That said, losing it completely because he hurt someone he cares for is ENTIRELY believable even if abusing his weapons doesn't seem so. Now, picking a fight he knows he can't win, or getting in a fight he can't win and refusing to run or fight back, just to punish himself by proxy? Yep, that's Raph. That's so Raph. To quote Mikey, maybe a little TOO Raph.
Bonnie as a character is, so far, interesting and likeable. She's flawed enough to be believable, strong enough to inspire readers to root for her, and she has a decent balance of positive and negative traits. Then, of course, her body type is ALWAYS a plus as far as I'm concerned, especially since you've treated it respectfully instead of fat-shaming through other characters. (alas, another fandom trend we see too often - either the character is 'anorexic and beautiful' or 'a little overweight and considered hideous.') Extra kudos to you for including body-positivity with your character's decidedly realistic body type.
Regarding "Late Night" - you did WONDERFULLY with that chapter, especially your portrayal of the emotions involved, and I'm eagerly hoping for more in the future. (No, I really don't have any shame.) Proud of you for not jumping on the 'virgin character bleeds buckets but somehow it's perfect' train, as well as the 'first EVERYTHING on the same day, it's true love!' train. Kudos to you for breaking free of the herd and writing a relationship that makes sense! More often than not, fan-characters seem to be predominantly the 'never been in love, never had any experiences, never even been kissed' sort. Characters tend to be more relatable when they haven't, pardon my sass, 'spent their entire lives living like nuns just to pull a 180 the first time a turtle winks at'em.' Not to mention the whole double-standard of 'men can screw around but women gotta be lil' ladies.'
The banter between Raph and Bonnie is, in a nutshell, PRICELESS! Every chapter so far I've been on the edge of my seat waiting to see how they'll sass each other next, and most of the time I end up grinning like an idiot. Those two are a riot waiting to happen. I look forward to sitting on the sidelines with popcorn while they engage in a sass-off. It will be time well-spent.
Overall this story and the couple portrayed in it both have a lot of potential, and the story's more than enjoyable so far. You could stand a second look-over of your chapters regarding typos and minor errors - grammar, spelling, verb tense confusion, and sentence/paragraph formatting - but the writing's quality enough to go without. When a story is this compelling it's easy enough to overlook the errors in it...and it can be a bit of a nightmare finding a beta on this site.
So far, I'd rate this story a 9/10 and would DEFINITELY recommend it to Raph-loving mutuals. Thank you much for writing it and for putting so much work into it, and try not to stress yourself out over it so much, okay? Eagerly awaiting your next update, whether that happens soon or months from now - quality writing is definitely worth waiting for!
9/30/2018 c17 likeaturtledo
Yay! Great chapters! Thank you!
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