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for A Price to Pay

8/25 c4 Estelle Uzumaki
I just read your story and this sequel and I loved it I really hope there will be a sequel soon as it's been a while since you updated.
7/28 c4 conwear267
Great story, can't wait for more
7/26 c4 Zile0
I finished the first story and immediatelt went off to find the sequel. It’s fascinating! I see you are still writing. Hope you’ll make it back to finish this one some time.
7/18 c3 rjroy309
more updates please am enjoying your work
7/4 c4 Ultach
As it's about 5yrs since last posting, may we assume this work is abandoned?
5/22 c4 Jack T. Writer
So... I guess this story won't be continued, which is a little bit sad, but I guess having read 4 chapters of the sequel is better then having read none.
Though I have a question... Harry mentioned a book about a teleporting underage bankrobber. I could only think of the movie Jumper, but besides that have never heard about a book like that... Does a story like that actually exist? Because... I kinda want to read it.
4/10 c4 Porridge
This is a story I enjoy. So let me tell you how I want you to write it! : exactly however pleases you. :) Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reading it. Your OCs are imo great, your interpretation of nonOCs delightful, your nareative threads & mind-candy description enchanting, your sense of humor splendid. Again, tyvm.
3/10 c4 1DJArla
This is such a great start to a story. I hope you one day update this.
1/20 c1 R B Ven
pls update
11/3/2022 c4 1Poussy

do you think that you'll update this story (here) one day ? maybe soon or not soon but in the dive next year ?

I really like your story and I'm waiting the next chapter...

I hope you're well.

9/26/2022 c3 8LadyGrimR
Quite, lovely and hilarious. I do hope you are alright.
9/20/2022 c4 darkpsychoqueen
love this story and how you have harry acting. i think it's awesome and cannot wait to read more and hope that u havent given this story up
8/3/2022 c4 sassy973
Loved it hope you update soon.
7/20/2022 c4 Shadow-Dragon-kage
Brilliant story hope you continue to write it.
7/5/2022 c4 TheLiterarySuccessor
Will you please update again? This has to be the best version of Harry Potter I've seen yet!
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