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3/7/2020 c7 ClaraBow51
I must admit I'm a little sad that this story is over. It's been a whirlwind of emotions for them and for me.
The real world is far from perfect so for me that's why I submerge myself in fanfics (especially yours.) It brings me some joy as well as the ability to get out of my head for a little bit.
And you are so spot-on with the emotions of the characters. Ranging from the every day silliness and banter to their longing looks to the serious fears and struggles they have that the show either overlooked or abandoned.
And you even managed to give more than two lines to Alexis in the final chapter. Even if you probably did it through gritted teeth. (I think Gummy has a better personality than her lol).
And in my mind they did have a baby soon after.
Even though they struggled and sometimes it was painful and sad to read the reward of them making it and seeing the light together made it all worthwhile. Thank you.
3/1/2020 c6 ClaraBow51
I think one of the things I love most about this show is how they support each other. And the way you wrote how they have each others backs even if it meant throwing their career away was very moving and in character.
I thought it was a bit lazy and silly that they put the tape in the elephants. I just felt like they didn't know where to go with that scene with the buildup after 6 seasons.
And once again you succeeded with Gates sounding human. You really captured the array of emotions here. The way you wrote the fear and undying love and support they have was just so beautiful. I wish there were more people like them in the real world.
2/23/2020 c5 ClaraBow51
The way you wrote Beckett's thoughts were just plain sad. Kate thinking about how when they find her she'll be drunk and they'll think once a drunk always a drunk.
I'm not into overly graphic or disturbing things and that is one of the things I love about Castle. It was safe, funny and I didn't have to worry about people being bumped off on a weekly basis for hype and ratings. Castle compared to other tv shows is probably tame but this episode was so different it delve into personal issues and was borderline violent (at least for me.)
You captured Kate's thought process so well with how she kicked into survival mode and fought them off.
Castle is just a doll for the way he dotes on her. Especially liked the extra touch of him wiping her face so she wouldn't have the taste of bourbon on her lips when she wakes up. And the red mark above her lips where they kept jamming the bottle down her throat. What pricks!
I must say that Kate falling apart with telling him she tried not to drink but they forced her and that makes him break as well.
Awe, the way he held her and rocked her back and forth to comfort her really showed is undying devotion to her. (But rocking a hungover person my end very badly for the other person lol).
Just adore how open they are and the pact they made about no more secrets. Castle is ready to give up everything to go into hiding for a bit just leaves no question for how far he is willing to go for her.
Great chapter.
2/22/2020 c4 ClaraBow51
"Veritas" was a profound episode. It's a shame they didn't have more episodes like that. I remember watching the opening to this episode and my heart racing thinking that Beckett was (once again) keeping Castle in the dark and surveilling Simmons without him. I was so elated when she clued him in and thought finally no more secrets between them. Their equals. Until season 8. Lol
Love how you write them as partners, friends and lovers. We seriously missed out on their undercover work looking into this and I'm tickled that I get to in this story. I must say that Simmons has some colorful language but I guess I should expect no less from a scumbag.
The part with those two thugs always upset me. I really felt the panic Beckett was going through. Force-feeding her pills and pouring whiskey down her throat. I mean that's bad in itself but being a recovering alcoholic on top of it and having to endure that has to be so disgustingly painful and humiliating for her.
Disheartening but necessary chapter.
I feel silly for saying you only write silly Castle stories (not that they aren't good) but I've been gravitating towards sad, angsty stories. And this one fits the bill.
2/18/2020 c3 ClaraBow51
I'm very moved with how appreciative Kate is, and acknowledged the fact that Castle has saved her again and again. The talk about children, while sad was very soothing to hear. I sound like broken record but those kind of conversations should have happened. It's like they stopped trying once they put them together, and we still needed their relationship to flourish. I really appreciate that you put the extra time and care into this when the writers (Marlowe included) felt no need to make the effort.
You know I thought I was the only one who thought Beckett would be a bit spooked, disturbed with the thought of getting in the tub. I mean how could it not conjure up some unpleasant, sickening things that had happened (I can still hear the slap of her wet body as it fell on the concrete after they were done plunging her head underwater).
I enjoyed his silly food-filled pestering texts all day. I think that's my favorite with your stories. The ease of the banter, the playful jabs and the everyday stuff that you seem to make so funny and interesting.
Now on to the letter. I actually liked Beckett's letter to him. It gave some rare insight into what she really feels for him. But I guess you wanted her to really express it, list the reasons why she is just so in love with him. And I was getting to that part, I kept thinking he is not going to want to read that letter, he's going to find it upsetting. It's just the fact that she wrote it thinking that she might die that put him on an emotional rollercoaster. But I think we are in agreement that we both would've liked if they showed him reading the letter she wrote or Kate telling him what was in the letter.
It's funny since the show ended I've hardly been able to watch reruns it has unfortunately left a bad taste in my mouth. But I'm just hooked on these stories. So thank you for keeping me entertained when season 8 still makes me want to vomit.
I just couldn't wait since you mentioned the letter Kate wrote so I reviewed a little earlier. But I won't be doing anything until Friday or Saturday. I'm sure you're on pins and needles lol.
2/16/2020 c2 ClaraBow51
I've been in a pretty down mood lately, and I think that's one of the reasons I've been putting this story off.
Aside from that this story is just so achingly tender and the depths of their despair are so exquisitely written that I honestly just had to stop numerous times and just stare bleary-eyed at the screen.
Poor, poor Kate. I feel so sorry for her but thank God she has Castle to lean on. And him helping with the brownies and trying to figure out how it relates to all she's been through, was just wonderfully written. I swear there must be 50 lines in this that I could drown myself in.
Loved Castle's concern and unrelenting love for Kate when he talked to Gates for an extra day off. And you even managed to have Gates sound likable. Amazing!
Reading this really makes me realize how much the show missed out on character growth and overall depth of any kind. Castle coming home with Gums (adorable) and Kate still somewhat in a daze and just kept reiterating that she had to go to her meeting. And Castle noticing right off the bat that he has to be even-keeled since she is definitely on edge.
And him offering to go and her coming back in the room and excepting his company, his help really made me tear up and it still is even as I'm writing this.
I don't know why but the description of Castle waiting at the diner really moved me. Just the snow falling and him not so patiently waiting for her meeting to end at 9. And him sitting on pins and needles to the point he couldn't eat or drink until he felt embarrassed and shoved the muffin in his mouth. I really felt like I was staring out the window with him. I'm sure that was a long 50 minutes for him.
Thanks, for the joke with the hotsy-totsy lady whining about eating brownies so early. God, there's always one in the bunch. Beckett should have shoved it down her throat (I'm clearly in an angry mood tonight).
I've really grown to appreciate the way you write for Kate. She is loving and more open and EXPRESSES her issues.
When she was saying that Bracken ruined everything and Castle said "He didn't ruin us, Kate. He couldn't do that." I was just overcome with every girly emotion imaginable. And her thinking about if it had happened down the road and they had a child and how it would effect him and the baby . Where were those thoughts, those fears in the show? Castle (saint that he is) telling her we'll figure it out together.
She's been through so much and she just needs support and love from him and AA. Good for her for not letting Bracken take that from her.
I will continue with this. But I have long ass hours and I m not off until Friday but I will try to review at least one chapter before than.
I'm case you couldn't tell, I really enjoyed this chapter.
2/15/2020 c1 ClaraBow51
Not that you remembered but I did say I was going to eventually get back to this story. Didn't realize I finished part 1 back in Sept (insert sheepish look) but I'm totally onboard to finish this.
Ahhh, so lovely that they got married and without all that unnecessary drama and hoopla. And I must say I loved that they got a dog. Gummy Bear! How delightfully silly.
Then it got all serious on my a**. "Belly of the Beast" was one of my favorite episodes. Normally can't stand when they separate the two main characters but it totally worked for this episode and showed new emotions and fears for both of them.
Especially liked Kate's fear of Castle becoming like her if something terrible happened to her.
So real and honest for her to have that fear. I do believe he would have turned inward on himself. His anger definitely would have eaten him alive. To finally have everything he ever wanted and to have the rug pulled out from under him, it would be crippling and beyond devastating for him.
She's just so open with him and it's refreshing that he doesn't have to beg and plead for information. I may have mentioned this before but I love how emotional you make them (especially Castle) I love a weepy guy and you wrote it so beautiful and realistic.
I would've liked to have some of the drive to get her or time in the hospital to see how they were with each other the first time they saw each other since the whole ordeal. But I guess they figured we could fill in the blanks.
Not to sound lame but I did wonder how she slept that night. I would've imagined she would be restless and beyond sore. Obviously she wasn't a recovering alcoholic in the show but you tapped into the frustration and her just being sick and tired. And Castle trying to help her and trying to coax her back to bed. But I really felt for her with her missing her meeting and Bracken screwing her over and taking some thing away that she depends, yet again, was just so painful.
Great read.
6/13/2019 c7 FluffyFierce
You captured their joy and humour v well and loved the intimate moment here - really had Beckett freer, and not in a diminished way.
6/10/2019 c6 FluffyFierce
Fast paced...the dialogue was on point and I enjoyed the portrayal of a stoic cloaked in justice Beckett...the sympathetic Gates and jokey Espo nice details...brilliant chapter
5/15/2019 c7 Jokin
So very excellent. Thank You very much. Keep writing Castle. We are sll waiting for your next story.
12/16/2018 c7 natters
Good fic
10/26/2018 c7 Guest
Well, that was terrific! I enjoyed both stories and truly appreciate you and other writers who keep Rick/Kate alive and thriving. Loved. It. Thanks!
9/9/2018 c7 vegasgirltech
What a wonderful ending! Thanks again so much for entertaining us here on fanfic with your immense talents.
9/9/2018 c3 vegasgirltech
WOW! This is exactly what I thought when I finished reading this chapter. So, so beautifully written! I can't wait to read the rest of your story. Thanks so much for writing it!
8/31/2018 c7 CKL
Love your writing. This follow-up was sensational. Thank you for entertaining me.
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