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8/2/2018 c2 The bob
this is really funny
8/2/2018 c2 THE VILLIAN
8/2/2018 c2 5Mr.unknow
So is that jiggle- something beer like stuff suppose to be a magic juice or something or is hinata coming out of her shell on her own?
8/2/2018 c2 SPark681
So, Hinata may stop holding back on her little sister and actually beat her this time anyways keep up the great work!
8/2/2018 c1 Raven Marcus
Did Naruto gain perfect chakra control ?
8/1/2018 c2 Bisaster
Ofc he's paired with the shitty stalker... why use an interesting character when you can use the most overused and shitty female of the series. Disappointing
8/1/2018 c2 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can’t wait for more please update soon
8/1/2018 c2 5SamuelthegreatOO
So he has super psionics. What are the other two?
8/1/2018 c2 plobos
Well, he picked the worst girl. already ino tenten sakura temari kin is a better choice .

NaruHiny fans repeat the same as all Hinata fans base their comments on:

He deserves it

He had fewer moments, but it was important ... (None of those moments in which Naruto always showed interest in love ... he showed admiration for someone who was stuck in the same place as him ... He gave me support to this person she did not give up ... this is not love)

Hinata was never present for Naruto ... he wandered, seeing how he suffered and did nothing for him ... She never came to him. The only fools were fans of NaruHina. Everyone in this Hinata rejected the reason for Naruto's parents. They could not come to him, they felt their parents' contempt. In this Hinata ...

Hinata did not protect anyone. She was selfish, revealing her feelings to the whole village. . Hinata did nothing but reckless selfish activities that threatened everyone.

Yes, Hinata had many opportunities to help Naruto by herself, but she added more fear and then helped him. Even if you let Hinata be there from birth, it will be more painful to know that someone is looking at you with the power of change or change in your life, but nothing has worked ... countless times Naruto consumed vain or spoiled food. .. times when he had to borrow money for food, a time when he had to cheat his sensei so he could eat ... Hinata could have direct or indirect help ... she was from a rich family ... The fact is she never did.

Hinata was a good side character, but it was only her. If she supported Naruto, who always claimed, than where she was on his birthday, when he was at the lowest level. Even if the canon hated abuse, beatings and attempts to avoid his life and ignore him while the child is still abused, and beyond Iruka, Ichiracus and Hokage, no one else raised his finger to make Naruto feel better about himself and his life. Everything Hinata did, persecuted him and disappeared when he talked to her.

When he was alone, Hinata talked to him instead of looking at him, just staring at the trees like the last Stalker. What goals does Hinata have in life? To be strong on Naruto, be with Naruto, you give birth to two nice children with strange names. And what about the clan? what it is, in the end it is not Naruto-kun. If I do not like such a simple character, it does not fit my mind. He does nothing for himself!
8/1/2018 c2 Specterchilypepper
I find your story very interesting and I eagerly await for the next update but I ask you something: please don't feel obliged to follow Canon or explain any change to the Canon story only because readers say so, this site is for fanfiction (it means that it is implied that the story doesn't follow Canon) and people want to read the Canon of fandom than they can go read the original story and leave the site. Thank you for your work
8/1/2018 c2 21HyperA1985
I am looking forward to chapter 3 and I hope Naruto gains a Kitsune bloodline.
8/1/2018 c2 Dzerx
Will Naruto obtain his mothers Chakra Chains?
8/1/2018 c1 1PriceTage
dude awosome story but when did naruto become such a suave. Last time I checked if he got kissed he would have been blushing just like her or the magic head pat had something to do with it. anyway don't stop now please and would you give us a small update to demonic amnisea cause it is one of my fav fem kyubi stories so cya
8/1/2018 c2 6helpusobi1kenobi
The idea of Naruto being telepathic is a good one. At least he won't be as dense as he was in Canon now that he knows what others really think about him. My guess is that his powers include Telepathy and perfect body/Chakra control or Luck Manipulation or low level reality Manipulation. Please confirm whether I'm right or not and please update soon. I really like this story.
8/1/2018 c2 Guest
Please leave all the graphic sexual stuff until they are around 16/17 years old.
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