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8/25 c4 batman7827
So I have a suggestion...How about playing with multiversES a bit and make something like "Kang The Conqueror meets the Avengers about killing Cap to save the timeline but he sees Batman and he is like kneeling to him because Batman in the future will wield the power of Mobius Chair like it happened in Darkseid War", but I have a question: From which continuity is Batman? Pre-Flashpoint period or New 52/Rebirth/DC Universe with City of Bane, Joker War and all that? This should be interesting.

And also I can understand if you won't do harem story (that would be dumb and not in-character for our Masked Vigilante, but how about Wasp/Amora/Black Widow? Or at least Wasp/Batman?
8/15 c4 7CCSakuraforever
Esta muy bueno el capítulo como le va a bruce en ese nuevo universo como esta ayudando a los vengadores que esta pasando ahí quien sera la misteriosa figura que esta espiandolos y que va a pasar con el combate entre varios enemigos
8/11 c5 batman7827
Dude, you really need to continue, there's a LOT of possibilities to work with Batman in A:EMH.
I hope you didn't forget that yet.
2/16 c1 Guest
What’s gonna happen next? Are we going to get to the Living Legend episode?
10/12/2019 c5 Guest
I actually like the idea of Batman being a Avenger, the idea of him being on that team just fits so well
6/14/2019 c5 Guest
Ooooo I love the idea of Batman being a Avenger!
10/3/2018 c5 CCSakuraforever
Esta muy bueno el fics se ve interesante más como le irá a bruce y batman en ese nuevo mundo más como esta ayudando a los vengadores para detener a los malos
9/21/2018 c5 Greer123
Hulk is right if there is one thing about Batman you can count on him for it is to brutally honest.
9/21/2018 c4 Greer123
Interesting use of Deadpool in this chapter.
9/21/2018 c3 Greer123
Great use of the power dampening collar in this chapter. I also liked how Batman beat the crap out of Nick Fury at the end of this chapter.
9/21/2018 c2 Greer123
Thank you for the new chapter and the use of General Fury in this chapter.
9/21/2018 c1 Greer123
Interesting start to this story.
7/17/2018 c3 cabrera1234
will any body else from DC universe come to marvel universe? like wonder woman flash or green lantern

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