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for Big Bang Theory: The Elizabeth Whatling Alternative

8/21/2019 c13 Guest
Well I’m glad none of the gang died in this story because the chapter before this made me wonder if Bernadette and Leonard were going to survive. I didn’t catch at first how you tied this into the show ‘ MOM’, till I read one of your other reviews, but that was pretty funny the way you did that. I liked this story, I hope you write more.
8/19/2019 c13 26SRAM
Interesting way you decided to do the ending, tying one Lorre show into another, the TBBT to Mom. I guess Penny going to and believing in psychics all those years gave her some clairvoyant powers herself to allow her to see all this in her dreams. I like how you had Penny grilled at the end by her friends, they were both surprised at what she dreamed and shocked at some of the coincidences. It also being a dream answers all the questions I had in my previous review and really makes this story more in sync with the show. Like I said before I found this story suspenseful and entertaining, thanks for sharing it.
8/16/2019 c13 4Warriorcreed
Except for the political views in the first paragraph, that was a pretty good ending. It seems Penny didn’t actually have a dream but more of a premonition on something that was about to happen, very creepy. It does read like a Twilight Zone story, you think at the end it’s a dream until the details become too hard to ignore. I enjoyed it.
7/25/2019 c12 26SRAM
I have to admit, the first few chapters confused me, but after the last few chapters I’m finally getting this story. I also reread the story so now I understand about the evil broach Penny bought that caused all this. However the thing I’m still a little confused about is that the story started with Penny being Bernadette’s roommate and Bernadette dating Leonard, then this last chapter it now like the show, Penny is married to Leonard. It seems like we are still missing some information so I’m hoping there is more to come. This story has been suspenseful and that fight scene in the last chapter was good because neither of them had the ability to defeat Laura but together they were just able to do it. At the end though Leonard doesn’t seem to know what or who Penny is talking about so if he knows nothing about it, I’m sort of thinking it was all a dream of Penny’s than something that really happened.
7/25/2019 c12 4Warriorcreed
Okay, I had to go back to the beginning to read how this starts but after doing that it all seems like she had a bad dream. I wonder if it had anything to do with the audition for the audition and she actually got a part for a horror movie that now she is dreaming about years later. Or was it a time jump like the one Leonard and Sheldon talked about because Sheldon invented a time machine and fixed everything from before the necklace got Penny? I’m wondering, since you didn’t infer the end at this chapter, will we really find out what happened.
7/6/2019 c11 Warriorcreed
Okay this is not good, that wicked ghoul killed that reporter in her home so little Bernadette is in some serious danger. Hopefully Bernadette has some form of Catholic Talisman on her, like a cross, to scare off the old witch or maybe Leonard will get back in time to save her. Though Wicked Whatling is pretty mad so she might just take out her anger on Leonard too, unless Penny’s natural attraction to Leonard takes over Laura’s heart and she sort of falls for him, which also could be bad for Bernadette if Laura sees her as a rival then.
6/3/2019 c10 Warriorcreed
Okay the spirit in Penny’s body is a killing nightmare and has already racked up an impressive body count and it doesn’t bother it at all. Now Bernadette is going to a fund raiser that this spirit is attending, which will probably piss it off when it finds out that she didn’t die like she was suppose to. What will make things worse is if Bernadette recognizes that she is talking to Penny’s body, that will probably really set off the spirit on another of those murder rampages. The fund raiser looks like it is going to be a real hoot, blood and mayhem everywhere.
5/16/2019 c9 Warriorcreed
Glad to read Bernadette survived Elizabeth’s wrath, hopefully she will be off the evil witches radar for a little while. I thought it was so funny how Bernadette acted when confronted by Sheldon, Leonard needs to keep her around as a role model for interacting with the nut, he could learn a few things from her. It looks like the story might get a little spicy here too, because if Bernadette stays with Leonard a few days they will probably share his bed and there should be at least some serious cuddling going in there at night. Especially the first night, with Bernadette being so distraught over what happened to her and Leonard being a warm soft caring shoulder to cry on. I’m curious though what evil Elizabeth will perform next, it seems murder is something she just does casually, so I wonder what other evils she will deliver on to people who don’t please her.
5/15/2019 c8 Guest
In this story Penny is really dangerous, having killed already, I sort of hope she doesn’t run into any of the gang, I wouldn’t want to read any of them dying. I’m thinking Leonard might have to drive a steak through her heart to destroy the spirit in her, the old Penny seems to be already gone from her body.
5/3/2019 c8 Warriorcreed
Wow, the story really took a very dark turn, this is truly a horror story with an evil spirit that will do anything to maintain its control. The spirit has not only killed now but has destroyed Penny’s soul, because even if the spirit is somehow removed from Penny she will always know that she had murdered innocents and that will be something difficult for the real Penny to live with. I’m just hoping that Leonard or someone, maybe Howard, can save Bernadette before it’s too late. Then this evil must be destroyed.
4/20/2019 c7 Warriorcreed
Your really got this chapter perfect, I could actually see them all screwing up Leonard’s date just like this if this was part of the show, you wrote each of them extremely in character. Leonard really needs new friends and especially a new roommate.
4/19/2019 c6 Guest
Oh good. I'd imagined you'd given up on this but here comes an update! Excellent. It's still a strange and intriguing plot. Will Penny Parker meet Leonard? The nexus was Bernadette but she's been scared off by the infuriatingly arrogant Dr Cooper so that leaves... well, nothing really. So many ways you could go with this. I'm a died-in-the-wool Lenny but I'm not sure Leonard is even necessary here.
8/11/2018 c4 Frangerfiction
Intriguing. You are able to create very detailed visual scenes. I can really see that dusty old mansion. Now as to what the actual story is with Penny... quite the mystery! A missing piece of jewellery only reappears when Penny returns. Reincarnation? Fascinated to read where you take this.
7/15/2018 c2 Emenescu
Interesting chapter, so i'm assuming Penny is now daydreaming about what might of happened differently had she not moved in across from Leonard and Sheldon . As instead of moving in 4B she is now going to staying with Bernadette.
7/14/2018 c2 Warriorcreed
Well Penny is really down, her going immediately to her comfort foods, wine and ice cream, does sort of confirm how depressed she is. It is good though that she didn’t just blow off Leonard when he tried to help, actually talking to someone might give her a better perspective of her problem and maybe help her to try and do something more about it. I notice you are changing some of the background of the show, it seems that Penny and Bernadette hit it off in the beginning as friends and Penny has spent much less time with Kurt than implied in the show, I wonder if these differences will factor in your story.
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