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3/17 c119 MaidMarian17
Such a cute ending to the story! I love how you wrapped up everyone's story! 10/10 would read again :)
3/17 c119 Anubis Cloudly
It’s been a wonderful journey. I can’t wait to see what you have in store next!
3/10 c118 MaidMarian17
Great chapter! Surprising that EDI is up and about, but I'm glad!
3/10 c118 Anubis Cloudly
It’s been a hell of a journey. Thank you so much for a fantastic story!
3/3 c117 MaidMarian17
Ahhhhh! That last I love you always gets me
3/1 c116 Nate Cook
I thought this was finished, and I have absolutely no idea why. ARRRRRGH, I need closure!
2/24 c116 MaidMarian17
Such a great chapter! I can't wait until the fighting starts!
2/17 c115 MaidMarian17
Such a great chapter! Setting up the battle gave me goosebumps!
2/4 c113 MaidMarian17
Such a fantastic chapter! Right before all of the action starts on earth. I can't wait for the next chapter!
1/31 c112 MaidMarian17
Such a great chapter! I think the overall atmosphere was right on point!
1/21 c111 MaidMarian17
This chapter was so cute. Garrus is so reassuring. I'm literally so excited for the legendary edition of the game, and despite me saying that I'll try out more romance options, I know I'll 100% choose Garrus all over again haha!
1/13 c110 MaidMarian17
"Now Shepard, I didn't say i wasn't interested."

That may be my favorite line of this chapter haha! Wonderful lead up!
1/9 c109 ADeter
Kick Ass seabass this is getting good
1/2 c108 Monique
Really well done! I just finished my yearly replay of the series and j was craving more garrus and shep. This was perfect!
12/14/2020 c16 10WarFlower
I think we've all been that angry before
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